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This parkour map have 10 level. It is very easy at first, but it is very hard as you’re in the higher level. All jump are possible! Don’t give up! 

This map is not only parkour, you also need to find the parkour road. Sometimes it’s difficult to find.

You will been given a fishing rod and a hint book in the chest in level 1. You can see the barrier throw the fishing rod. All the barrier is use for prevent you to walk shortcut. If you want to check is there any barrier, you can use the fishing rod! The hint book have some hint of the road because some roads is too difficult to find. 

Here is some photo of this map:

The lobby, where you start.

Level 1, 2 and 3

Level 4 and 5

Level 8 What?!?

A level with a bedwars structure

Level 9

Level 10:

You’ll parkour in the end

Golden pressure plate is check point!

Orange block will give you slow falling!

Purple block will give you levitation!

emerald block is also checkpoint, you will see it in level 8

-Jumps include head hitter, neo, glass pane jumps, slime block jump, slow falling effects jump and more!

-Sometimes there are some slime block under the carpet.

special features:

Every level have a secret item. You can use it to attack your friend, or protect yourself from your friends attack.


1. don’t turn off the command enable

2. please don’t change the difficulty of this map.

You won’t able to change your gamemode because of the command.

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If there is any bug, please send a gmail to [email protected]

1. Add a death counter

2. You can see which level you are in the player list

3. You don’t need to fall down ro the ground to die. Because some people think that waste to many time. You’ll die in the mid air.

4. Fix bug and level 7 and block a shortcut in level 7

5. Block a shortcut in level 5.

6. Change the checkpoint sound effect in level 5

7. Change some display text

8. Add a sound effect when you change the setting

9. Display text after you change the setting

10. You’re not able to use a fish rod rod the golden pressure plate to make checkpoint now.

11. Add a hint block in the chest in level 1

12. Change the fish rod enchanting ro unbreaking 9999

13. Change the nap creator section

14. Add a head texture pack

15. Change all the strings in level 3 to a structure void.

16. Change lot of block to new block in 1.16 in level 9

Such a big update

Fix some command bug:

1. change some execute command from @p to @s, so it is now normal in multiplayer games.

2. Is not possible to get the secret item in level 5 before, now it’s possible.

The zip link on version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 of this map will not work soon.


1. Block a shortcut.on level 3

2. Fix a command bug on level 4

Attention: the zip file on 1.0.0. version is not working now!


you can choose zip file or mcworld file, both are same. But zip file will link you to google drive, download the zip file in google drive.


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