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The prime skeleton another strong boss

This boss is very strong he can change your gamemode to survival so he can kill you and he’s kiling all mobs! So if you try to challenge this boss you need to be strong enough 

Prime skeleton it’s unkillable boss! It has 9999 damage it size 16 he can change your ganemode to survival and he summons huge groups of lightning bolts 

And he can summons another huge groups of lasers and this boss have a shield he’s using shields to protect himselfs and he targets any mob

Don’t forget to credit the original creator RhexYT


Click mcaddon file after downloaded then it’s automatic gonna install resources and behavior packs apply both 

If mcaddon didn’t work unzip the file then move the resources pack in games/com.mojang/resources_packs then the behavior move the behavior packs to games/com.mojang/behavior_packs then open you Minecraft apply both resources pack and behavior pack 


Supported Minecraft versions


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