Project xCloud lets you stream Xbox One games to phones and tablets


Update 1 (6/9/19 @ 6:00 PM ET): During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Phil Spencer announced that xCloud will go into preview this October 2019. More details below.

With so many devices in our lives having displays, people demand more and more interconnectivity. They want to be able to use apps, games, and services on all their devices. Buy something on one screen and use it on all the others. Gaming is a big part of this, and Microsoft is enabling this interconnectivity possible with something called “Project xCloud.”

xCloud is Microsoft’s game streaming service that’s designed to allow users to stream Xbox games to your console, PC, or mobile devices. Microsoft has worked on this for a while already, and all existing and future Xbox games will be compatible with xCloud. That means you’ll be able to play console-quality games on your phone while on-the-go.

Controlling these games will be critical, especially on smaller devices like smartphones. Xbox Wireless Controllers can connect to PCs and smartphones for playing these games. Microsoft is working on ways to limit the latency usually experienced when streaming games. In fact, they have custom hardware in their data centers specifically for Project xCloud.

Trials for the service will open up sometime next year. Google just recently announced their own game streaming service, called Project Stream. They will also have to compete with NVIDIA GeForce Now and PlayStation Now. The battle to bring your games to all devices is heating up. We’ll have to wait and see how Microsoft’s service stacks up.

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Update 1: Going into preview in October 2019

The annual E3 gaming convention kicked off today and Microsoft’s press conference is chock full of new game announcements. Hot on the heels of Google’s Stadia event, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that the company’s own game streaming platform, xCloud, will go into preview this October.

Microsoft will enable cloud game streaming in two ways: through Project xCloud and through console streaming. The former uses Microsoft servers to stream games to your device while the latter uses your existing Xbox One as the xCloud server.

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