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Ayo famsquad. Its your weekly creation ice cream man here. And today I bring you something that I have never created/uploaded before……….. (DRUM ROLL INTENSIFIES) Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you, RalphOfficial’s PvP World. (check desc hehe)

Here’s an overview of the map.

OKAY. so you will spawn right over here.

This arena is a 20 by 20 square with rounded corners. In the middle you will see probably the most important part of this entire arena, THE BATTLE SHEEP THRONE

This is the Battle Sheep. It will judge your PvP and give you points. And no matter what you do, you can never kill the battle sheep. Even with the strongest, even with the biggest tnt explosion, and even burning it into the deepest lava lake, would do nothing to the battle sheep. In fact, you wont actually be able to hit the battle sheep AT ALL.

Also, If you try to blow up the arena, A message will appear in the chat, warning you about exploding tnt, and it will delete the tnt block.

There are no mods or addons applied in this world. Its completely vanilla minecraft with some commands to keep this arena grief-free.

Ok! Thats it for this map! I hope you’ll have fun PvPing! If you have any bugs or suggestions, you can contact me on twitter: @ralphofficial5 and my discord: RalphOfficial#3077.

Thats is gamers! Stay home! Stay Safe! And keep that mask on! Goodnight girl. Seeya tomorrow. (Hopefully)

Fixed download link bug thing.

Changed Featured Image

Hope you enjoy this map!



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