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Reborn RPG [Giveaway at 50 players!]

Currently at 17 daily record. (at 33 active consistent players) over 700 players Registered!

-Huge Map


-Mini RPG Games

-Plot World


-Private Portable Vault!

Reborn RPG (Blood Effects upon character hit, over 100 custom enchantments and special abilities. Our factions server has Other mini games within it, I.E Dragons!  BUT, The main game will be the RPG Factions which has active hosts! Custom Enchants! Player Customization! Your experience within our server will be exactly what you’re looking for if its ANYTHING within the PvP AND “RPG GAMES” Aspects of Survival! (the game.. skyrim for example….!!!  😀  )

What will it be?

A living RPG World filled with Character creation with Custom Abilities, custom races, & WITH CUSTOM Player SIZES! (so if you want to be a little tiny Dwarf man, Or a GIANT… Or an Ugly Orc.  YOU CAN!!! haha… 😉  – Quests, A main campaign,(in making still) Safe zones to be treated like “Hubs/Trading areas”(have sharpness 15 but want knockback 10, Trade at safezone! 🙂 ) – ONCE DISCOVERED you can warp to any safezone! – Special ranks with special features like /fly in Survival mode and OP Kits! & much much more in store! come check us out!!

We always answer questions, We’re always available to help, WE HAVE VERY MINOR LAG so you won’t experience any spikes while trying to defeat someone for their loot! 🙂

Our server is DEDICATED To inspiring young, and captivate Minecraft Players showing them the amazing capabilities that we can take advantage from within Minecraft Bedrock edition!

-Rarely any hackers, Rarely and trolls, Rarely any Griefers Who just like destroying things.. WE ARE ALL HERE TO HAVE FUN, AND EXPERIENCE MINECRAFT FOR WHAT IT IS AND CAN BE!!! Reborn RPG Is and will be your new home within minecraft. Join today for friendships that can/will last a lifetime. OUR promise to you, is to take care of you Whether Son Or Daughter, And Respect you for who you are as a gamer, and to make your experience the out-most BEST! ^-^

HUGE 16kx12kMAP!

Customize Yourself with Unique Custom Capes And Costumes!

Reborn RPG

Is a Living Factions Server – Meaning , Live Loot Drops/Events, Live ambushes along your Adventures/Quests, With a whole Living Economy to discover!

Custom Weapon & Armor Enchantments and Shop!


Buy, Trade, And Sell Discovered Items for money!

Use money to improve your Character & Abilities!



Brief Description of Campaign.

You will start as a slave, captured long ago by Pillagers, taken from your family as a child from a land you do not know. You must escape their wrath and reinvent yourself… WILL YOU BE A HERO? FRIEND? FOE? AN ADVENTURER? A HARRY WIZARD? Do you think you have what it takes to conquer these feral dungeons bro?!?!!? Come and test yourself against all odds, Players along the road you meet may not always be nice… but, then again they may join you and assist you on your quest! may the odds be ever in your favor…

The staff team is ALWAYS active and joining in on the fun! come get in on it today!

-Multiple PvP Arenas, Most Have Bosses For Group Fights!

Tons Of Quests/Tasks to Do!

-Tons OF Forts To Discover And Claim to Defend With Friends!

Volcano Biome!

-Custom Race Territories! Join Today & Make New Friends Galore!!

-Added More Pictures

-Updated And Improved Kits

-Added Tons of more Features into Game for players to Use!

-Fixed Tons of Bugs

-Updated Picture

-Added Giveaway Event

-Added Reptile Race

-Added Undead Race

-Ranks purchasable! get sweet Perks like /fly and /repair
-Upgraded enchants to go to higher levels, (sharpness 100 I.E.)

-updated desc text

-added race titles

-fixed enchanting

-fixed inventory glitch


-Added Race Customization

-Updated Races Abilities

-Added New Map

-Added Minigames

-Added More Quests

-Added Maps

-& Added A 2nd Lobby

-Added Skyblock

-Added More Details For players To Know what the Servers About and what we have to offer

-Added Pictures

-Races being developed, Get custom colored armor Protection 10 & Unbreaking 100 as a starting race kit for your Race, Defend your territory!

-Updated Shop

-Updated Kits in Shop

-Updated Crates, Gamma Ratio for Rareness for Custom Enchants

-Added Rank Titles – Assassin, Crook, Mage, Robber, Farmer, & others

-Added New RPG Lobby where you may hangout/trade Even Build Inside A HUGE castle!

-Updated Custom Sizing – ADDED 2 NEW GIANT SIZES!

-Made Part 1 Escape a little easier to get past

-Added tons more quests within The Survival worlds


-Updated Things to do Within Server

-added personal jokes, Just to make sure you know we’re legit and real, and not just one of those money grab servers….. hehe plz donate tho 😛 XDD cuz we like pizza……..

-Highlighted important sentences.

Added: Under Maintenance In  EARLY Pre-Alpha! Feel free to join still though and save for later, This is going to be epic!

Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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