Redmi 7A, Vivo Z1 Pro, Samsung Galaxy M40, Xiaomi Mi CC9, and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 forums are open


If someone is using an Android phone somewhere in the world and they want to mod it, we aim to have a place for them to do that. We’re constantly adding new forums for devices, and now we’ve got 5 more to share. Four phones (Redmi 7A, Vivo Z1 Pro, Samsung Galaxy M40, Xiaomi Mi CC9) and a fitness band (Xiaomi Mi Band 4) have been added to the XDA Forums.

The Redmi 7A was launched earlier this month and we recently published a full review. This is a low-end device that ticks just enough boxes to make it interested for the extremely low price. Sticking with Xiaomi, the Mi CC9 also launched this month with impressive specs for the growing “premium mid-range” segment. It’s not going to “wow” anyone, but it offers a very nice package for the price.

Redmi 7A XDA Forums / Xiaomi Mi CC9 XDA Forums

Next up is the Samsung Galaxy M40, which arrived last month. This is another mid-range device that tries to set itself apart with some high-end features. In this case, that means triple rear cameras. The last phone to mention is the Vivo Z1 Pro, which was announced early this month. Like the other phones, this is a solid mid-range phone with one special feature: a giant 5,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy M40 XDA Forums / Vivo Z1 Pro XDA Forums

Lastly, we’ve added a forum for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness band. The Mi Band series has become immensely popular in the fitness community. The Mi Band 4 is small, has a great AMOLED display, improved accelerometer for fitness tracking, voice control, and better battery life than you’ll get on a smartwatch.

Xiaomi Mi Band XDA Forums

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