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This world template is targeted at making Redstone Testing worlds nicer to build in. This is the basis of my own Redstone Testing world.

  • Xbox and Mobile friendly!
  • Ground level has been raised to Y = 64 from the insufficient Y=4.
  • Stand on a Note Block to see its note
  • Stand on Redstone to see its power level
  • Teleport quickly to Spawn and back from wherever simply by dropping an item
  • No Add-ons/Behavior packs Required! 

Android Screenshot: 

iOS Screenshot:

All Command Blocks are Neatly Labeled: 

Stand on a Note Block or Redstone to see its value. Teleport to Spawn by dropping a “Carrot on a Stick” then teleport back by dropping a “Warped Fungus on a Stick.”

This is only the first version, it’s not quite multiplayer friendly yet. Subscribe so you get notified when I make an update. Leave a comment if this helps you. Feel free to share pictures with me.

I came up with the design myself, feel free to use the techniques and commands included to improve your Bedrock experience. Please do not claim as your own work.

Update Feature Image to include a screenshot of the world


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