Rew.EXE Update 1.1 | Minecraft PE Maps


Welcome to Rew.EXE, the low budget map that just got an update! I hope anyone who wanted to get an update enjoys this update! and this is still not the last update…

Welcome to rew.EXE the (sort of) magnificent adventure map of a lifetime

With three decently challenging levels, its sure to challenge anyone!

And it took a week of constant work to make, so please don’t criticize.

Here’s a trailer:

Here are some screenshots too: 

Update: I basically just made the parkour and maze levels bigger, and also fixed a bug where the button meant to allow you to reset map and play again wouldn’t come up.

Rew.EXE version 1.1

-extended maze and parkour levels

-fixed a bug where a button allowing you to play again wouldn’t pop up


Supported Minecraft versions


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