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This addon will be the start of my 3 part structure expansion to make Minecraft feel more expansive. This addon aims to add more rock ambiance around your world and also add more Structures that add subtle details to your world. (This is my distraction till I can mess around with the new objects that are coming in 1.17)

Firstly I’m going to start off with a before and after.



As seen the rocks aren’t meant to be big changes but little subtle changes although some rocks are huge. 

This add-on adds many biome specific rocks. As of V1, it adds your normal variety rocks and also biome specific rocks for the swamp, jungle, bee areas, taiga, mountains, and coming soon, desert, mesa, and nether variants. 


Starting with the super rare rocks are anomalies. These anomalies are random chunks of various locations spawning in the overworld. There are 5 variants. 

Crimson Forest Anamoly 

Nether Fortress Anamoly

End City Anamoly

And 2 other Overworld variants

Volcanoes and Volcanic rock/Underwater Vents

I’ve also decided to add volcanoes since they fit under the rock theme. Volcanoes and anything related to Volcanoes spawns in savannahs because they’re dry and hot. 


Volcanic Rock

Volcanic Vents (Fish dying sound)

Volcanic Rock (Underwater only)


Meteors and Asteroids are extremely rare structures that spawn in the world. They spawn in the floor and carry one ancient debris from another world. 

Jungle Specific Rocks

Since the jungle is lush and full of plant life, the rocks have to be leafy/mossy.


Above Ground Fossils

Mini Jungle tree/rock combo

Taiga Specific

The Taiga also gets some love with some of the taiga specific rocks including podzol. 

Podzol Rock

Berry Bush Rock

All the Taiga Variants

Arches (Normal Variants)

Rock arches are fancy so why not include them. 

Campfire Arch (Lotf reference)

Collapsed Arch Variant 2

Tiny collapsed Arch

Desert (Coming Soon)

Most Likely in V2

Mesa(Coming Soon)

Most likely in V2

Nether(Coming Soon) 

Most likely in V3

All Rocks

Minecraft Generation also changes up the stone into objects like granite, diorite, andesite, gravel, and/or coal.

If you’re making a video please credit/or link this page.

If you want to include this in an addon pack (or is it called a modpack?) please ask, I’m willing for you to modify the pack what so ever so it can fit your pack. 

This is phase 1/3 for my “Ultimate Structures Pack”


On Adfly you want to wait past the ads or if it prompts you to turn on notifications enable it, go to the Mediafire page and then afterward go to your setting and disable the notification.  

Make sure Experimental mode is on as it is a structure addon. 

1.16.40 supported as I made the addon on that version but I’d need someone to confirm if it works in 1.16 betas.

If you can’t access the link I can send you the direct link privately.


Supported Minecraft versions


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