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Hi! This is my first add-on that I made for my own enjoyment and that I wanted to share with you.   Sorry for my english, it is not my native language!

This add-on tries to simulate the stealth mechanics seen in other games, allowing you to become a stealthy rogue hiding from other mobs by being in the shadows and taking advantage of stealth to ambush them!

How does it work

When you are sneaking (pressing the Shift key) in a place with low light level, like in a cave or under the shadow of a tree at nighttime, you gain the effect of ‘invisibility’.

However, as you can see in the image below, this comes with a downside, because you will receive the ‘hunger’ effect, which will deplete your hunger bar faster while using this ability. This is for balance purpose.

How do I know if I’m in the right place to hide? You will see this icon in the action bar:

When you stop being in the right place, you will lose your invisibility and you will see this other icon:

Another feature is that when you receive a hit you will lose invisibility and you will not be able to hide until 10 seconds have passed. Every time you want to hide, you will see this icon:

As advice, I recommend you to not be too close to hostile mobs, because they will hit you and you will be detected.

Also, do not wear armor when you want to hide or at least put on a few pieces, because with each piece they can detect you at a greater distance even if you are invisible!

Other features:

This add-on also adds daggers! Well, the daggers actually replace the gold, diamond and netherite hoe, which I believe only offer more durability at higher levels.

Daggers offer some perks when equipped, like being able to hide anywhere at night and gain the effect ‘strength III’. With diamond or netherite daggers you will be able to onehit most mobs!


Golden Dagger

Diamond Dagger

Netherite Dagger

Now, you are not the only one with these new skills. Some pillagers have adapted and are using stealth against you. They are known as the Assassins!

They have Golden Daggers covered in poison! This is how they look when are visible:

However, you will have a hard time finding them, because at night they become invisible, only showing particles.

They spawn in the forest at night. Do not let them find you first! Hunt them down and show them who is the stealth master!

If you have any suggestions to improve this addon please leave them in the comments section, they will be appreciated!!!


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