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||RPS Shader||

The reason I released this shader is because people asked me to release a texture pack with the shaders that I developed for the autumn pack and winter pack so today I bring you the shaders that people have asked me a lot.

[shh ask your friends if they like to download it 🙂 ]

Get ready to see how realistic your game will be using these shaders, just scroll down and you will see the magic of RPS Shader shaders

[note: some cell phones may not work very well, some may have a negative reaction on some phones]

||Social Networks||

Discord- RPS Studio#1356

Community- https://discord.gg/bjNfXvwkWd

Youtube- Y4H1RX 11

Twitter- @Rps_Studio_MC

The images below have what the shader has so that this is not a lie the shaders if they are real if you do not get it is because your pc or phone does not support these realistic shaders sorry 🙁


||Video Trailer||


-New Water [more transparent]

-New change in rain and snow

-New change in the sun when it is about to set

-New change when it gets dark it looks darker and more realistic [you can download version 2.0 if you don’t like this change]

-New stars in the sky [with: the stars can only be noticed more if it is at night]

-New change in caves and lava when you are inside outside a mine

-Bug Fixed-

-Fixed the problem that when you get into the water the heads or conduit would come out of the inventory due to an error in the water
-Fixed bug where beds turn yellow when sky darkens
-fixed the bug where on some devices the shader was invisible
-fixed bug where entities turn white at night and when it rained

-Coming Soon-

-Reflection in the water
-player shadow
-more realistic sun reflections

Modern Big Update

1 – New Light

2 – New Rain and snow

3 – New Water effect

4 – New colormap and more

5 – Bug fixed


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)



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