Samsung and Xiaomi grew heavily in Europe thanks to mid-range Galaxy A and Redmi phones


Canalys is one of the many companies out there that track global shipments of various products (smartphones included). When articles talk about smartphone market share growth they are typically referencing one of these types of reports. Xiaomi continues to expand its presence in new markets around the world and one major target has been Europe. Samsung has been a top OEM in the region for years and both saw some impressive numbers during Q2 (April, May, June) of this year.

For Samsung, this good news is thanks to the company’s mid-range Galaxy A series of smartphones. The image above has been provided by Canalys and gives us a look at the top 5 smartphones which shipped the most units during this quarter. Granted, shipments aren’t exactly sales, but they are a good way to gauge things. This shows the Galaxy A50, Galaxy A40, and the Galaxy A20e performed very well for Samsung in the region. Three out of five top spots are something Samsung can be proud of.

samsung xiaomi europe chart

Samsung isn’t the only company that did well in Europe this past quarter. Apple was able to snag spot #5 and Xiaomi snuck in with a 3rd place finish thanks to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. The report also gives us an overall look at the entire European smartphone market for Q2 2019. While Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 placed 3rd, the company “only” shipped 4.3 million units while Apple shipped 6.4 million and Huawei shipped 8.5. All are definitely impressive numbers but comparatively small when you see that Samsung was able to ship 18.3 million.

Still, this is good news for both Samsung and Xiaomi as it shows the work they have been doing in the market is paying off. I have to say, I’m also impressed to see that HMD Global was able to make it in the top 5 of the recent report. We’ve talked about how well the company has handled software updates and it looks like it’s strategy has been paying off as well.

Source: Canalys

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