Samsung details new HDR10+ Adaptive feature for upcoming QLED TVs


Samsung aims to improve the HDR10+ viewing experience on its TVs with a new feature called HDR10+ Adaptive. The feature will utilize the TV’s built-in light sensor to determine the lighting conditions and automatically adjust the picture quality to deliver a more cinematic experience.

According to Samsung, the HDR10+ Adaptive feature will debut globally with its upcoming range of QLED TVs, and it will be capable of delivering a great HDR10+ viewing experience even in brightly lit rooms. The feature supports dynamic scene-by-scene optimization, based on guidelines from the HDR10+ LLC, and it’s capable of adjusting the picture quality to any room lighting condition without any loss of detail or contrast.

Speaking about the new HDR10+ Adaptive feature, Younghun Choi, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “As consumers spend more time at home, Samsung has been looking for ways to enrich consumers’ entertainment experience in the comfort of their homes. We are delighted to offer smart picture quality solutions that will enhance consumers’ at-home HDR viewing experience, bringing original-quality cinematic experience to our consumers around the world.”

The HDR10+ Adaptive feature will also work with Filmmaker Mode — a display setting launched last year that turns off post-processing effects to show content accurately. To make these new features more accessible to users, Samsung has teamed up with Amazon to enable Filmmaker Mode and HDR10+ for Prime Video customers. Thanks to this partnership, all UHD titles on the streaming service will automatically be delivered in HDR10+ to Samsung QLED TV users. Currently, it isn’t clear if Samsung will update its existing lineup of QLED TVs to support the new feature.

As of now, Samsung hasn’t released any additional information about its upcoming QLED TV lineup. But we expect to learn more from the company in the weeks leading up to CES 2021.

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