Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED View, Silicone, and Protective Standing cases leak


With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the horizon, we’re beginning to get lots and lots of leaks. Not only will it be the exclusive home of Fortnite for Android -it has a huge number of features relating to its new Bluetooth-powered S Pen, for instance.  The device is shaping up to be a pretty great phone, if not a bit pricey. As the leaks continue to flow, we’re now getting a look at all of the official cases that will be available at launch courtesy of WinFuture. If that’s not enough, we also get to see the brand new S Pens as well.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

The new S Pen

And of course, there’s a whole lot more than that too. As previously mentioned, there’s also a huge amount of official cases on offer. We can see silicone, hard shell, LED, and even protective standing cases that you can buy for your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The first cases up are the hard shell see-through cases, which allow you to view your screen without actually opening up the case.#

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Clear View cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Clear View cases

These cases aren’t just protective silicone, they also double up as a stand for your smartphone. It’s certified military standard MIL-STD 810G, so it should withstand falls up to 1.8 meters with ease. There’s a huge amount of color options too, and what’s more, this also corroborates earlier reports of a purple, brown, and blue color options.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED Case

Exactly as it looks, it can display information from your smartphone in an LED pattern on the case itself. It’s really, really cool and can give you basic information even when your phone’s cover is closed. This is one of the most unique cases on offer here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 protective standing cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 protective standing cases

And these are the heavy-duty cases that you’ll want to fully protect your phone. When you’re relaxing as well, it has a built-in flip-stand so that you can watch movies or shows completely hands-free. This is the strongest case for this device out of all of the official ones.

There are also a number of different colored basic gel silicone cases that you can get too. You can check out the original report from WinFuture down below! What’s your favorite?

Source: WinFuture

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