Save $25 on the Amazon Halo and get minimalistic fitness tracking!


Honestly, I’m one of those types of people that don’t really ‘get’ smartwatches. I definitely understand that they’re helpful for those that may be away from their phone all day but still need access to notifications, but most people have access to their phones all day. Do people really enjoy two things buzzing at them for every text message all day? For me, the best use of a smartwatch is for fitness tracking–a step counter and heart rate monitor on you at all times is great, but I could go without all the other features. I’m far from the only one that feels that way too, as Amazon has created the Amazon Halo, a helpful and unique fitness tracker.

Take one look at the Amazon Halo, and you’ll notice something majorly different–there’s no screen! Essentially, this isn’t a smartwatch, as it’s missing the all-important ‘watch’ part of the tech. The Halo still tracks all your fitness, though! Of course, you have your step counter and heart rate monitor, but the Amazon Halo also tracks your stress levels, sleep quality, and even an estimate of your BMI. The Halo is also compatible with apps like Headspace and Lifesum so that you can properly track everything you need. It’s perfect for those that want a minimalistic tracker that isn’t a smartwatch!

To celebrate the new year and the time of year most people are thinking about their health, Amazon has discounted the Halo by $25, bringing the total down to just $75. You can also sign up for a five-month payment plan, even if you do not have the Prime Rewards Visa.

    Amazon Halo
    Available in three colors, you can track your fitness without the distractions of a smartwatch with the Amazon Halo! Save $25 and get to tracking.

Looking for more fitness gear to kickstart your New Year’s resolutions? Amazon has a landing page just for you! Browse for fitness gear, smartwatch options, and anything else you may need to bring the gym to your home.

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