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This map is based from the Horror Movie Saw  or the character known as Jigsawa crazy psychopath who locked you in his insane asylum. You are forced to do crazy things and challenges in order to survive. Choose wisely and think smart. In this map you will actually hear Jigsaw Talking to you! , so maximum your volumes to hear Jigsaw Talking. Will you take the chance to survive in this crazy asylum? 


1.Do not break Blocks! 

2.Make your volumes maximum! (to hear Jigsaw Talking) (Better with headphones) 

3. Do not Cheat. 

[Please Make the sounds maximum to hear Jigsaw Voice and to hear Jigsaw talking to you]

You are locked inside a abandoned insane asylum by Jigsaw, a crazy psychopath who forces people to do crazy challenges and puzzles. you are forced to save your family, will you take the chance to survive and save your family? 

How to Download? 

Just click the links below, then it will take you to adfly. Click the skip ad button then deny the notifications. Wait 15-25 seconds while denying the notifications and you will be redirected to mediafire to download the map.

If the first link didnt work, please try the other links! 


After you download the mcworld, just open it to minecraft and it will be automatically opens and import to your minecraft, if the map successfully imported, You can now play it and have fun. 

If the first link didnt work, try the other  download links. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link


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