Welcome to my Scp add-on! This may look bad so please do not complain I tried my best making this add-on for the world. Credit bendy and Julius for inspiring me they are the best. Anyways enjoy my add-on! Also make sure you have EXPEREMENTAL GAMEPLAY sorry if I spelled it wrong to unlock every single feature of the add-on (Blocks, And items) In this add-on there are other SCPs that the foundation add-on and js Edition add-on never added! Using this will be an extension to the Scp add-Addons.

This took 3 weeks to work on. Please I tried my best this might be the 3rd Scp add-on ever? ||


—|| If You Have Any Question Please Tell Me In The Comments Any Help Would Be Appreciated. ||—



Before you read every Scp down here I want to let you know that I made this add-on to entertain users and let them have fun. Just wanted to let you have a new Scp add-on coming to your way


SCP-149 || Keter || Blood Flies

• They are very super small
• They can sometimes die.
• You can hit them unless they are close to you.
• And they fly.

SCP-525 || Euclid || Eye Spiders

It Drops An Eye which will be used later on and is super useful.

• It is small

• it has a face of an eye.

SCP-018 || Euclid || Super Ball

• It is very small
• It is super fast!
• It shoots SO MANY ARROWS
• It cannot die in fire or lava.

SCP-087 || Euclid || The Endless Staircase

It is an SCP with different faces but I chose the normal SCP 087-b that everyone knows about.

This Is 087-B He instantly will attack you in its site.

• He Is Not That Fast

• Sounds will be added soon.

SCP-363 || Keter || Not Centipedes

this is not a centipede NO CENTIPEDES ALLOWED he is black and dark as darkness
• He does 10 damage
• He has 200 Health
• He kills anything he sees

SCP-529 || Safe || Josie The Half Cat

SCP-529 is a normal vanilla cat but has it’s back sliced off. But it is a nice kitten and cat.

it acts like a normal vanilla cat

• It has a half cut off

• it is useless But it is cute at the same time 

SCP-548 || Euclid || Ice Spider

SCP-548 is an ice spider in this add-on he has a retexture so he can look epic. Tip: put him in an icy containment chamber. It would look awesome! 

He does some damage

• he has more health than Josie

• he is not aggressive during the day

• They drop ice and sometimes broken ice.

SCP-011 || Safe || Civil War Memorial Statue

SCP-011 is suppose to be a memorial statue but this is my add-on so I can change stuff. He will shoot at anyone he sees. He shoots pigs maybe his own teamates Illagers and even you! I forgot so it is a Safe. But there are stone blocks for it to stand on

His Projectile Is Arrows

• He has a crossbow

• My sometimes custom Scp??

• He has 100 health more than everything in my add-on except the Scp 610 boss and the ultimate boss

SCP-280 || Keter || Eyes In The Dark

SCP-280 looks like 017 but with white eyes and hates the sun he is also fast. So any light blocks or if the sun is near him he will die

He hates the light obviously

• He is fast

• He has a lot of health

• He does 6 damage

SCP-017 || Keter || The Shadow Person

SCP-017 it’s first stage is a child then it grows up to becoming a full adult they are both aggressive. And fast! (Currently they burn in sunlight so I will fix that in V3.5 he also comes with a 017 block

this dude is also fast

• he is strong

• he might do 1 damage

SCP-031 || Safe || What Is Love?

SCP-031 is a standing up worm and when a player comes in contact with it they fall in love cause it turns into one of their imaginary girlfriends but I cannot do that in Minecraft. But you can tame it with anything and they walk extremely slow.

acts like a normal villager

• you can breed this guy with anything

• he is so slow I am talking he is like a turtle

SCP-553 || Euclid || Crystalline Butterflies

SCP-553 is a white butterfly and when they are in groups they attack in groups. But in this add-on they are useless and do nothing but fly.

they just fly

SCP-538 || Euclid || Shadow Spiders

SCP-538 Are shadow spiders and when you go in survival they come at you can kill you trying to take your shadow and turn it into a spider shadow. They are very tiny

they are tiny

• they are aggressive during each day

• they are a bit fast

SCP-606 || Euclid || The Teacher

SCP-606 is called the teacher and it is a weird sun that sounds like a blaze it shoots fire at you and has 50 health it can fly too. It does not do too much damage and I will fix that in V3.5

he does 4 damage

• he can fly

• and shoots fireballs

SCP-990 || Keter || Dream Man

SCP-990 is a dream man he is aggressive. But you can tame him with enchanted golden apples so he won’t attack you

 you can tame him with a enchanted golden Apple

he is aggressive towards you

sometimes he does nothing until waiting for another victim

There are 12 versions of SCP-610 too!


SCP-013 || Safe || Blue Lady Cigarette

SCP-013 is a blue lady cigarette but remember never smoke it can kill you. This is just an add-on no harassment or drugs. I picked random SCPs from the wiki to add.

SCP-013 has 2 bad effects and 1 good effect regeneration because it is an Scp and this is my add-on why not? (Nausea Blindness And regeneration)

SCP-003 || Euclid || The Biological MotherBoard

SCP-003 is a biological motherboard if you eat it you will instantly die. I couldn’t make a model for this. But this is an Euclid Scp

SCP-014-J (Joke) || Keter || Just A Fork

SCP-014-j Causes all bad effects if you eat it. It is just fork right? Just a fork XD!

SCP-006 || Safe || The Fountain Of Youth

SCP-006 The Fountain of youth bucket! If you drink it it gives you many good effects!

SCP-148 || Safe || Telekill Alloy

SCP-148 Telekill sword I know this is in bendy’s add-on but I just added it anyway It instantly kills anything you can not craft it. (known as telekill alloy)

SCP-871 and A Flashlight are in this add-on too! Just type it in commands! Even Scp 1916 there are 6 versions of Scp 1916 AND SCP-068 In the next update there will be pictures and bug fixes

SCP-198 || Euclid || Cup o’ Joe

This gives you wither Infinite seconds because it is supposed to since it is an Euclid never drink this!

SCP-008 || Euclid || The Zombie Plague

Never eat this it gives you poison and nausea and will kill you!

SCP-668 || Euclid || 13” Chef’s Knife

This SCP controls you into killing someone with it. Giving you strength and resistance.


This is the overpowered eye it gives you extra hearts and does a lot of damage to mobs when hit gives you night vision speed and health boost forever.

This Is The Ice Sword It is useless but it is kinda cool you can get ice from SCP 548 by killing it to craft an ice sword with a NETHERITE sword not a stone sword do not craft it it is useless!


There is currently 1 gun in the addon and it is the pistol I will add a new update soon with sounds and more bug fixes.


Hold them to play the radios use this command to get the radios
/give @s cc:radio_1
/give @s cc:radio_2
/give @s cc:radio_3
The Yellow Radio Plays (Rocket Waltz)
The Red Radio Plays (Fire And Thunder)
The White And Black Radio Plays (We Gotta Run)
The Radios Actually Play Music.



there are 10 posters currently in the add-on

SCP-999 Poster, 914 Poster, 426 Poster, 055 Poster, 131 Poster, 058 Poster, 457 Poster, 096 Poster, 294 Poster, And 173 Poster!


Cool Textures


this is all in the add-on currently! SCP 3000 is in the add-on but I want to delete him cause he is already added in the js Edition I do not want to get a copyright strike. 

This also includes mystery Blocks

SCP Blocks Are The SCP-002 Flesh (does not work but replace the floor with magma blocks) SCP-610 Flesh, AND SCP-011 Stone

last Updated Video Down Here (this is not the latest updated add-on when it is V3.5 there will be the new update and video

View more

Revamped – 003 (No longer an item)

Scp-059 Added (1 New SCP)

SCP-080 Added (1 New SCP)

2 New Ducks (Dapper Duck And Roomba Duck) (2 New Mobs)

Added SCP-101 (1 New SCP Item)

This is a small update but I hope you guys enjoy!

∙ Added Revamped Versions Of SCP-610 (5 New Mobs)

∙ Added SCP-705 (3 New Mobs)

∙ Added SCP-871 (SCP Item)  (Now Functions)

∙ Added SCP-472 (SCP Item)

∙ Added SCP-1023-RU (SCP Item)

∙ Added SCP-965 (1 New Mob)

∙ Added SCP-148 Armor Also With A Sword (New Armor And Item)

∙ Added SCP-131 (3 New Mobs)

∙ Added SCP-844 (1 New Mob)

∙ Added SCP-162 (1 New Mob)

∙ Added SCP-718 (1 New Mob)

∙ Added SCP-217 (6 New Mobs)

∙ Added SCP-053 (1 New Mob)

∙ Added SCP-357 (SCP Item)

∙ Added Custom Blocks, SCP-002 Furniture, Props, And Wires. (CC:SCP_Prop_1)

∙ Added Heavy Ceiling, And A Tile Block.

∙ Added A Flame Bomb And An Anomalous Duck.

Now. There is a secret in the addon and you can try to break SCP-148. I’m telling you. It’s not possible.

• Added 087-B 018 668 149 525 and much more scps!

• included a new heavy containment block.

• Removed SCP-3000 due to bugs.

• New Rainbow Mystery block it drops all the scp items except 668 and radios and the pistol. It can be used for decoration.

• I have fixed a lot of bugs.

• New textures to a lot of stuff in the addon.

• Eyes And Ice Added To Craft The Overpowered eye and the ice sword.

• This has now been converted to V2.50 Since this is a portion of the huge update just to not let you guys be waiting for ages.

• You can now mount the 610 spider!

Sorry I had no time to edit the submission but I will edit it next time anyways new update!

scp 087 will soon be fixed and will no longer teleport

scp 018 is added

and more

blocks have been fixed you can get them through commands do this command /give @s cc: do not put this text you need to search it up like /give @s cc: Damaged_white_wall like that.

If you have any more questions please comment on my YouTube or on the addon. Thanks

The addon has been locked due to mean comments and people milking Addons… this will be back after people stop being mean and People milking Addons stop.

Links have been fixed I am so sorry! Enjoy this addon!

Media fire zip link!! I know this is a small update with a new link but I promise the next update will be better.

• 2 New SCPs as you see in the add-on!

• New Textures for everything

• this is a quick small update for everyone since a backup file of this got corrupted and lost half of the SCPs but I did not do the other 4 missing 610’s

New Featured Image, this add-on will also keep updating if the add-on software updates a lot. Custom guns will soon be added.

Admins I might quit so please accept this last time or I quit this website forever this was my dream to letting everyone have a fun add-on! I will quit if you do not accept

Please accept this I worked hard on doing this! Mcpedl posting this on this website was my only dream

More Detailed Description! (Please Accept This Admins Or MCPEDL! I would really appreciate it

V3.4 Added New Blocks, new SCPs and new Scp 610 versions

fixed some bugs but not all of them so you may encounter some.


If you have iOS 13 then make sure you have files and documents by readle! Download the add-on then go to files. Click the three dots then move it to documents by readle! After you do that go in documents by readle and then find the add-on and click the three dots again. Share it to Minecraft and now you are done!

Just Click The Media Fire Link To Start The Installation


if you have iOS 12 then just click the link download it and go to files and share it to Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link


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