Sculk Sensor (Working Concept)


This addon adds a concept of the sculk sensor block which was shown in the Minecraft Live event. This block can detect wibrations and activate redstone components (cannot power all components directly because of addon limitations).

How To Get The Block!

type “/give @s playz:sculk_sensor 1 0” in the chat to get the block

What can the block do?
This block can detect any kind of vibration (like walking, dropping items, breaking blocks in survival, using a bow or other projectile)
There’s a particle for when a vibration is traveling through air.

To stop the vibrations to get to the sculk sensor from a specific you can place wool blocks in the path of the vibration. (Like In the image below)

Vibrations from projectiles and items when dropped (more to be added later)

How to get redstone signal from the block?
Place redstone dust adjecent to the sculk sensor block (like in the image) and it will turn into a redstone block when the block is active and then turn back to redstone dust when inactive (this is because if limitation of bedrock addons)
When the sculk sensor is now powered

When the sculk sensor is powered

For better Understanding you can reffer the video bellow


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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