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This addon adds disgusting and dangerous mobs in your minecraft world.

He is here to punish those who dumped all waste in the ocean and everywhere. Those who have littered and not cared for the Earth! Scurge the waste monster from sewers to the ocean!

This is just made up by me ok? 🙂


These mobs don’t replace any mobs, and they have their custom sounds.

Scurge minion 

This creature runs fast, and it looks disgusting.

He will make your day miserable.

Health: 9000

attack damage: 999

drops bottle ‘o’ enchant when killed

it explodes so there will be explosion, and griefing in your minecraft world.

Doesn’t spawn naturally 

Type /summon jos:scurge_minion 

to summon it.

what it’s spawn egg looks like

Scurge minion 2

This bad boy shoots wither skulls which is more explosion and griefing in your minecraft world he attacks everything he sees.

health: 18000

attack damage: 2000

looks gross to look at.

drops diamonds when killed.

Doesn’t spawn naturally. 

Type /summon jos:scurge_minion2

to summon it.

what it’s spawn egg looks like 

Scurge minion 3

This is the 3rd minion Scurge has. Created of much of the waste on Earth. It will not move on land only on water.

Health: 20000

Attack damage: 2000

It will not spawn naturally. How to summon it? Type /summon jos:scurge_minion3.

by the way this is what it’s spawn egg looks like.

Scurge minion 3 (Second Stage)

It has now reached it’s 2nd stage, it is bigger than before, and it looks and sounds different. It now shoots fire balls on land and ocean, but this one also will not move much on land as well. 

Health: 22000

Attack damage: 4000

It doesn’t spawn naturally. How to summon it? Type/summon jos:scurge_minion3_secondstage

what it’s spawn egg looks like.

Scurge minion 4

Also known as Sewage Waste Water Dragon (basically it’s just a customized Phantom, but it’s not replaced.) This creature will swoop down and bite you, better watch out. This is the way of death if you challenge it without any proper gear.

Health: 30000

Attack damage: 6000

It is suppose to be shooting dragon fireballs but I don’t know why it won’t, so I’ll leave it at that. It won’t spawn naturally.

What it’s spawn egg looks like.

Scurge minion 5

An illager was infected by Scurge and now it looks like this, it has it’s same magical powers but, not only that it’s health is crazy buffed up. (it’s a customized mob and it has it’s own custom spawn egg)

Health: 12400

Attack damage: 1300

It is actually weaker than the 2nd Scurge minion. It will run very fast and jump very high, watch out it is dangerous!

what it’s spawn egg looks like.


This is Scurge, looks different but it doesn’t matter. Ugh that’s the most disgusting thing I’m looking at! That gunk has covered his eye so you won’t see it, but he will be able to see and find you. He holds golden sword. Attacks every mob in your minecraft world. He hates everything and he wants to kill everything that ever lived in your minecraft world. Better watch out he’s coming for you.

health: 99999

attack damage: 99999

drops conduit and heart of the sea when killed.

Doesn’t spawn naturally.

Type /summon jos:scurge

to summon it.

what it’s spawn egg looks like 

Can you kill it? 

yes in survival you can use cheat comamnds effects for buff for survival, or use the Anti-waste Sword.

you can also use /kill @e to kill it.


Anti-waste Sword

Use this sword to clean your minecraft world of disgust. I don’t know why I named it like this but anyways this sword is powerful, and it’s crafting recipe is almost impossible!!! To craft and get a beacon, you need to get glass by sand, obsidian by a diamond pickaxe, and a nether star. A nether star can be found by going in a nether fortress and finding wither skeletons and by killing them. Then you get soul sand build it with the 3 wither skeleton skulls and fight the wither boss to get a nether star you basically know this already.

For the Heart Of The Sea, find a shipwreck on the ocean and open up a chest then get the treasure map and follow the X once you find the chest you get heart of the sea, you know all of this already.

This sword will give resistance 1600 conduit power 255

jump boost 10

speed 10

instant health 1600

regeneration 600

night vision 1

It also gives you attack damage of 4000

and 255 health. Type /give @s jos:antiwaste_sword to get it.

How to craft it?

You will need a stick, 2 beacons and 2 heart of the sea to craft this weapon.

Use this sword and stop Scurge and his minions once and for all!!!

Watch video for more details

report a bug if anything goes wrong.

Video of updated version 

Please delete old version or else it’ll have bugs and it won’t work.

And please turn on experimental gameplay for it to work.

What’s new? 

4 new mobs added. 

they are all customized mobs and they have their own custom spawn eggs.

what’s new? 

More mobs coming soon!!! So please be patient as I make the update happen!!!

what’s new?

texture/skin changed 

mob sounds changed

added weapon (you can now kill Scumerge in survival)

fixed download link

There will be updates coming soon. Please be patient, I will be making them.

there will be more updates soon!!! Please be patient, I will be updating this addon.


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