Seas and Oceans (by Asian Roofs Team)


This addon adds more than 50 animals that live in the Seas or Oceans. They all have features based on real life and they all have a special system of reproduction. This pack is made to go along our initial pack called Asian Animals. You can also add our other packs for more fun 🙂

Watch the trailer:

Seas & Oceans is an addon axed on animals that live at least in Seas and Oceans near Asia. As all of our other packs, it concentrates more on behaviors than textures and models. You probably have no idea how much time has been used on research to accomplish this addon. Most of the animals have behaviors based on real life.

As in all of our addons:

– animals become pregnant or lay eggs and the period of gestation and incubations are based on a real life time equivalence (Playing 20 minutes = 1 year in the life of the animal).

-many animals hunt and this feature can be removed by turning off the gamerule “Natural Spawning”

-some animals have a sleep routine (only a few for this addon)

-there is a ton of custom items, recipes, special loots, etc.

All the information about every single animal is here:

Please note: The animals don’t spawn naturally for the moment. This feature will be available with a separate pack eventually.


You must activate Asian Animals pack BEFORE this addon.

For info about the animals: Click here


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