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welcome to the world of Pokémon! This addon does not have a combat system, but it does have a breeding system, mounts and real evolutions without the need to turn on the experimental game mode!

(works both in beta and official version of minecraft bedrock on any platform)

Following the national pokédex, Pokémon will be added little by little. at this moment the addon has the complete evolutionary lines of bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle caterpie, weedle and pidgey, all Pokémon spawn automatically. 

bulbasaur is a cute and docile Pokémon, but when disturbed it can fight back. You can find it in all types of forest except the snowy ones

Bulbasaur evolutionary line: 

charmander prefers hot climates, you will find it in the mountains and near lava lagoons

Charmander evolutionary line:

squirtle is a great swimmer! You will find it in rivers and beaches, although sometimes it visits the nearby villages.

Squirtle evolutionary line:

caterpie are very weak, but with patience and good training they can be the strongest companions!

Caterpie evolutionary line:

weedles are poisonous insects that you don’t have to be careful about as much as their adult versions, the beedrill. if you have one at your disposal, you have nothing to fear

Weedle evolutionary line:

it is a plane? is he a super hero ?? no, it’s just pidgey. it may look harmless but well trained it can be a deadly weapon!

Pidgey evolutionary line:

berry trees can drop four different types of berry, which you can use to make different types of potions and the rare candy

crafting with berries:

the evolutionary mineral will appear in all caves, search well! By breaking it it can give you four different types of evolutionary stones which are the moonstone, fire stone, water stone and thunder stone 

The PC is an object that is used to buy and sell the objects you find in your adventure, some of the objects that the PC offers you cannot be found anywhere else!

To get the PC, you must follow this recipe. then you break the package and inside will be your new PC!

Pokéballs are essential to catch Pokémon, but you must know which one to use in each situation! the normal pokéball will only work in the initial phases of the Pokémon, the superballs will work for the intermediate phases and the ultraballs are for the final phases of each Pokémon. the masterball works only for the legendary Pokémon (added soon) and the luxury ball will serve to make the Pokémon become your items and you can carry them in your pocket!

Pokeball recipe:

Superball recipe:

Ultraball recipe:

Másterball recipe:

Luxury ball tutorial:

some Pokémon can be ridden in their adult stages:

When you catch a Pokémon, they automatically evolve over a few hours. But in case you are not very patient, you can speed up the process with rare candies!

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(new languages ​​coming soon)


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