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This addon adds a companion to the game that gives you special effects, help you fight monsters, and even has some dialogue, the Shadow Demon, an entity that follows you around as your very own sentient shadow

The Shadow Demon

A shadow of his past self, and ethereal king yet to manifest, a parasitic entity that aims to walk the physical realm once more and enact his grand plans. You, dear player, could be the fortunate, or unfortunate soul to become his vessel. He will grant you his eternal services, well, until you’ve fulfilled your usefulness.

Any sane human should have the common sense to know that anyone who talks the way he does and looks as sketchy as him is obviously evil, but hey, great powers await you! Plus, this is minecraft, we’re all here to have some fun in a sandbox and experiment with story telling, aren’t we?

Shadow Portals

With this addon, you’ll find shadow portals spawning around your world, these portals aren’t too rare to find but aren’t too common either so you won’t be finding them everywhere but it’s not too hard to find one. After 20 seconds the portals will despawn.


To begin, you’ll need to create a summoning circle, after you have a summoning circle interact with a Shadow Portal with the circle in hand, then it will talk to you for a bit, interact with it again, this time it will require you to give it a stick. After giving him a stick, the deal is struck.


once you’ve finished summoning the Shadow Demon he will become your shadow and give you permanent effects.

he will also help you fight monsters, each hit dealing 18 damage.

Once he is with you, Shadow Portals will stop spawning in your world.

He isn’t supposed to die, but it is possible for him to die. It’s very unlikely, but if he does die, Shadow Portals will start spawning around your world again making it possible to summon him again.

If you die, he will be back with you when you respawn if you are playing singleplayer. If you are playing multiplayer however, once you die he will latch on to the nearest player still alive.

Every 5 minutes he will say some of his dialogue in the chat, so far he has 9 different dialogues that he can say.

Demonstration video

Note: If you want to use this addon for anything, you can as long as you credit me as the creator and link this MCPEDL page

-fixed the thumbnail resolution

-added more detailed instructions for summoning


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