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Our mission is bringing the Bedrock Building community to its full potential.

We provide an active and skillful community, a fantastic plot server with powerful FAWE world edit, and a growing Discord server all for the Minecraft Building community.

Most importantly, ShapeWorks is a platform for Builders to grow and improve. If you wish to practice your skills, learn from the best, or just build with friends, then ShapeWorks is perfect for you.


FAWE Plot Server

ShapeWorks provides a Bedrock and Java edition plot server to the community. The server is active, with public plots for viewers to enjoy. We provides you with the powerful world edit plug-in FAWE (Fast Async World Edit). This allows the creative process to be streamlined, allowing you to grow and improve quicker.


In the most recent update, using Geyser server technology, we’ve allowed Bedrock and Java builders to work together on the very same server! We’ve also added more World Edit tools, direct schematic save commands (for Bedrock AND Java files), and have fixed a variety of bugged plot commands.


**Discord Server**

Our Discord Server is a very important part of ShapeWorks – here, we can best unite skillful and growing builders from across the Bedrock platform. Our tech also allows for instant chat between the Minecraft server and Discord server!

On the official ShapeWorks Discord server, you may show off your creations, ask for help, and more! Our mission is to make a platform for Bedrock Builders where they can learn and improve. The Discord is home to many experienced builders, many of which have even built professionally for the Minecraft Marketplace.

We also provide other functions, like an inspiration channel to spark your creative process, and competitions to test your skill against other builders. Join our Discord here!:

ShapeWorks provides fantastic opportunities for builders like no other community. Growing to a great level of skill gives you the chance of working for some serious teams, such as Shaped Building Server (est. 2014) and the ShapeStudio Marketplace team. For more info on these teams, see these links for the teams directly associated with ShapeWorks:



We’ll be highlighting your masterful builds and making other community posts on the @ShapeWorks_ Twitter.

Follow us here:



Join our server today! We provide the perfect platform for any Bedrock Builder.

Here are a few builds built on ShapeWorks:

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