If you the one who liked scary thing and challenging to play in your survival world, then this add-on is for you it added the scariest mobs and extremely creepy mobs into your game

Siren Head is a fictional character from an artist named Trevor Henderson, now they’re in Minecraft

This boss mob is really tall, the height of it’s about 17 blocks


  • Health: 8000
  • Damage: 40
  • Will attack players and villagers
  • Can knock player away
  • Siren head will pick the player and other mob if it think it can
  • Can spawn naturally in taiga biome at night, but the chance for it to spawn is very rare
  • It’s very hard to see when it’s in the dark

Siren head on his way to hunt the villagers and the players

Siren head picks up the villager

Warning the mob can make a very disturbing, creepy sound, if you get scared easily don’t download this

Cartoon Cat: Also created by Trevor Henderson

DO NOT SPAWN HIM, HE IS CURSED, he can do the things no mob in Minecraft can do, extremely hostile

Will spawn inside the cave

Cartoon cat can jumpscare you!!!

The fog: 

By installing this add-on you agree to have the fog around your world

It doesn’t do anything, it only blocks your view

When you’re inside the fog

Siren head inside the fog

The name of this add-on will change if it gets a lot attention, it also means more creatures will be made

Credit: Thanks DyDyOOF for the Cartoon Cat texture

  • Added 2 new mobs
  • Updated Siren head model and animation
  • Remove the block texture
  • Upgraded the mob AI
  • Added loot for siren head


Xbox: To get through AdF.ly, open this file through your phone or tablet, get through AdF.ly, and to the MediaFire link. Copy that link to Xbox’s browser to download it. you need to download the zip file.

Phone or Tablet ( iOS and Android ): Simply gets through AdF.ly, by waiting 5 seconds and tap “Skip Ads”, you will be taken to MediaFire. There, just download it and open it in Minecraft!


Supported Minecraft versions


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