Smart Speaker NPR Survey Shows High Levels of Consumer Satisfaction


For some, the whole smart speaker market seemingly came out of no where. Amazon launched the Echo and for a while it was too expensive for your average customer to consider buying. Amazon was aware of this and then released the Echo Dot and Echo Tap to help fill in those price ranges. Now, the company has one with a touch screen on it that is now sitting at the same price point the original Echo was released at but includes a lot more features.

Google has also entered this market with Google Home and there have been reports of Samsung wanting in on it as well. The smart speaker market may be dominated by Amazon right now, but it’s still early and there is plenty of room for new competition. Not everyone has been a fan of the smart speaker though, even after they buy one many people simply stop using them. Some have wondered if they will go the way smartwatches have and see interest dying off.

A new survey from NPR indicates that smart speakers are increasingly becoming vital to everyday life. When asked, owners say that they’ll use their smart speaker for 7.5 common tasks on average each week. Of the people surveyed, 65% of smart speaker owners say they would not go back to life without their smart speaker. 70% of these owners say they’re listening to more audio (music, news, podcasts, etc.) in their home thanks to the wireless capabilities.

On top of that, 20% of them even say that streaming to their connected speaker is how they most often listen to audio these days. The survey continued and showed that 45% of owners say they’ll be purchasing a new connected speaker in the future, and 69% of them have recommended their friends to start using one in their homes. That stat makes it seem like connected speakers are going to be a popular choice as a gift for those who have yet to try one.

Source: National Public Media

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