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[First Post]

This add-on changes the Wither attack and more.

I am Japanese so my English is not perfect. Therefore, there may be a part that is difficult to understand. Please note.

Various games are distributed on Mirrativ.Since it is a Japanese service, it may not work.




Start introducing add-ons! But before that, let me tell you one thing.

 annoying and I didn’t fix it! I thought it was annoying.

Yes, that’s it. Is there anyone who has been with me until the end of such a story?

Let’s move on to the main subject.


・Unusual movements are incomprehensible.

-Large amounts of ender dragon breath.

・When the HP is less than half, it will fly somewhere. → You can’t get Nether Star because you haven’t defeated it!

*In most cases, you are in the sky.

Since it releases a large amount of breath, it may become heavy and may be dropped.
Please download and use at your own risk.

Rules for using add-ons: It is OK to distribute the modified version. However, please observe the following rules.

・When creating a distribution map or distributing a modified version, be sure to attach the link on this page. (To prevent confusion as to who the original creator is)

・Self-made remarks are prohibited. (Although the modified version’s self-made statement is OK, please tell me that the original creator is me (kakaneko))

-No permission to use add-ons is required.

Corrected the pointed out part  Delete Japanese The content of the add-on has not changed.

Corrected the pointed out part.

The contents of the add-on are unchanged.


Since it is mcaddon, please install it as it is.

If you cannot download it, please try it from this site. This site is from Japan, but it has the same content.


Supported Minecraft versions


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