Hello everybody. I present to you a map of the PvP genre on command blocks. Good option for those who are tired of standard PVP cards. The card in active development and is constantly complemented. Wait Card Updates.

This map is for PVP on command blocks, has a mini-plot. The card itself is not big, there is a function of settings, a mini plot. After you and your friends have switched to the map, enter the room to set up and restart the chests so that they are updated. Then you can play with your friends. First you need to find the emerald spawn point. With their help, you will trade with the villagers and acquire the best equipment. You can also buy not only armor, but also summon creatures. You should check it yourself.

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I renamed the file name to the provided file name.

I left a direct link to download the file. I hope everything is fine now.

Added a link to download a map to check moderation. I guarantee this link: (http://detonnot.com/2dsY)=(https://yadi.sk/d/gbTC4banHgYMlQ)

I have translated the text from Russian into English. I apologize for the mistake, I was not attentive.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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