Tales of Gaia v1.5 (Variations!)


Tales of Gaia, a new texture pack that keeps to vanilla with a new spin, giving you new blocks with the double slabs, editing textures to be easier to use, and adding variations to break up the repeating textures, this pack can help you have a whole new experience in the game! The texture pack is inspired by JermsyBoy’s Vanilla Edits by JermsyBoy. It sense has taken a turn and is quite different in quite a few aspects. It also has an add-on called “Gaia Expanded“!

Note : All textures are made by me. If showcasing or used in any projects be sure to leave a link. Please use the link for this MCPEDL page, do not use your own link. Do Not Re-post This Without Proper Credits And Permission. If you are using the add-on just put this over the resource pack for the add-on.

Added Podzol Variants (Leaves, Stones, Moss, and Sticks)

Fixed Download Link  

Updated Screenshots

Updated The Description

Added Block Variations

Added Dark Iron

Added Haybale Dummy 

Change Stripped Logs

Changed Planks

Changed A Few Other Things

Added some new items

Added new textures

Changed a few glass

Fixed the cows, the texture and model seemed to be broken

Changed Log Tops

Changed Oak Doors/Trapdoors

Changed Acacia

Changed Birch

Changed Spruce

Changed Warped

Changed Crimson

Changed Diorite

Changed Small Double Slab Bricks

Changed Flowers

Changed Dirt, Mycelium, Grass, Podzol 

Changed Terracotta

Changed Quartz

Changed Red Sandstone, and Normal Sandstone

Changed Beds

Changed Sugarcane and Ferns

Changed Vertical Planks

Changed Trap Chest

Changed Glass

Changed Netherrack

Changed Noteblock

Changed Carpet

Changed Lillypad

Changed Leaf Colors

Changed Sign Item Textures

Changed Smooth Stone

Changed White Concrete

Changed Dark Oak Leaves

Changed Prismarine

Changed Blackstone Double Slab

Changed Yellow Shulker Box

Changed rain

Changed swamp fog

Yellow birch leaves

White birch leaves in snowy biomes

Orange birch leaves in birch forests 

Pink birch leaves in jungle biomes

Better rounded logs

Better spruce and jungle stripped logs

Better warped nylium

Snowy mossy cobblestone double slab

Removed highlights from spruce doors 

Better basalt

Better endstone

Oak log walls replace endstone walls

Better Gravel

Better cut and chiseled, red and normal sandstone

Lighter andesite

Better red and normal sandstone walls

Better wooden pressure plates and fences

Birch bark fence replaces acacia fence

Sorry about that, I fixed the link so it has the new stuff.

Removed Acacia Door

Re-did Soul Lantern, Lantern, and Chain

Added detail to the Fence

Made Dark Oak darker

Made White Stained Glass more universal

Removed metal from Spruce Trapdoor

Made Soul Torch have a bone base

Made Light Blue Glass modern

Re-did Chest and Trapped Chest

Re-did Grass Path

Made Yellow Shulker Box a crate

Added shading to Spruce Leaves 

Re-did Iron Bars

Changed Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Sandstone, Red Sandstone,  and Prismarine Wall to have different textures 

Changed the Skeleton, Skeleton Head, and Stray texture

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