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Welcome to the tamagotchi pet

You are now a veterinarian

In this map, you have to take care of an animal named tamagotchi

Tamagotchi is a classic game in the 90s, where in the game we are required to take care of it like taking care of the animal itself.

Take care of your tamagotchi

take care!

Don’t let your tamagotchi get sick, starve, bored, or worse, die

if you are a good animal caregiver then take care of tamagotchi with love

Map by qorib redkraft channel

if you want to see this video map, please watch it here

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Hello iam tamagotchi! 

Redstone system

Tamagotchi can sleep at night

Tamagotchi crying expression

Tamagotchi sick 

>Give golden apples when tamagotchi health weakens

Tamagotchi die

Totem redstone 

if the tamagotchi dies, turn it on with this totem

Tamagotchi poop

you can get

the gift of tamagotchi everyday poop

Equipped with a defense system for survival mode

How to play :

the first step you have to press the tamagotchi egg button first

is above itself

, then when the tamagotchi egg is broken down, the tamagotchi will be born

Next, pay attention to your tamagotchi needs

Have a nice play

take care of your tamagotchi

How to care :

>Feed apples when starving

>Give him a slime ball when the tamagotchi needs entertainment.

>Give golden apples when tamagotchi health weakens,

instantly the tamagotchi will do the healing.

>Give golden watermelon when tamagotchi is weak, for endurance / strength,

golden watermelon prevents sick tamagotchi.

Tamagotchi has the life at the top bar

if it dies give it a redstone totem which helps revive the tamagotchi

if still hesitate to play it

You can see in full how this map works in my video

through the following link

Comes with 4 expressions





 use redstone!


Take care of your tamagotchi

Don’t let your tamagotchi get sick, starve, bored, or worse, die



and move it to the games folder> com.mojang> MinecraftWorld

and already


Supported Minecraft versions


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