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Ever wanted have the ability to tame a Hoglin and ride it? With this small add-on, that becomes possible! Explore the nether with the power of a Hoglin by your side.

The way it works is pretty straightforward – in order to tame a Hoglin, you’ll have to feed it some nether wart blocks.

After the Hoglin has been tamed, it’ll be a bit less aggressive to players and can be ridden.

Make no mistake, a tamed Hoglin will still become aggressive to anyone that attacks it – even its owner!

This add-on is compatible with most other add-ons, unless the other add-on changes something about Hoglin behavior. In that case, one will not work depending on how the packs are ordered.

NOTE: While you can tame a Hoglin, it will still turn into a Zoglin if it enters the overworld. If a tamed Hoglin turns into a Zoglin, they will forget their owner and attack anything they see as usual. There’s currently no way to cure them.


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