Tank Battle Arena – Multiplayer PVP Minigame


A battle arena for multiplayer tank battles.

1 on 1 or team battles in a medium size arena, the aim is to make it to the enemies stronghold and break in to ring the bell and score a point. First to 10 wins.

I started making this quite a while ago to play with freinds but decided to add a few extras to it and release if for others to play. It’s pretty simple but fun, you just have to fight your way to the other end of the arena and break into the other teams stronghold (a stone box) and ring the bell to score. Your scores display on the side for either 1 on 1 or teams and at 10 points you win and are transported back to the lobby.

I used the Multiplayer tank addon in this minigame – Credit to Myohtet

I hope you guys enjoy, check out the video and sub to my channel if you like this mingame


This is a world pack which includes the resource and behaviour packs so its a one click install and should work really easily.


Supported Minecraft versions


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