Try to make it out of the temple alive while more of your friends are killed and turned into hunters! Run, hide, and collect powerups to try to loose the hunters and outlive the timer, If you make it through the exit doors you win!

    Once you start the game a random player is selected to be the hunter, everyone else is teleported to the temple to find a place to hide. Hunters are unkillable, they must try to kill the runners and convert them into hunters. Hunters win if they can kill everyone before runners escape. After the hunter is released, runners can collect powerups that will randomly spawn on gold blocks. The game will only get harder for the runners as more players become hunters. Once the timer ends two birch exit doors open and runners can escape, If a runner makes it out alive they win. There is a book in the game that explains how each power up works.

       Thank you for checking out this map, I spent a lot of time developing and testing it (This is my biggest map yet!). If you think this map is interesting I would appreciate it if you would check out my YouTube channel, Bread – Rock. Here I upload videos about map making, commands, and other Bedrock tech (I also will have made a video on this map). Subscribing is the best way to stay notified about my maps. If you are interested in testing my maps or are looking for people to test your own, you should consider joining my Discord.


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