TerraCraft: Angler NPC (Consumable Fish Update)


The Angler from Terraria is now in bedrock! Experience custom fishing for quest fish, custom trading, wooden crates and new fish tools with this add-on!

This is the updated version of the old Angler NPC I posted a long time ago. Now working on 1.16!

Be sure to check below for updates! To play this updated version, be sure to delete the old version first, before you click on the .mcaddon file. You can also find your world in the “minecraftWorlds” folder, find the behavior and resource packs, then delete the old ones. Then you can install this one and start playing!


To avoid any problems, always turn on experimental gameplay.

The Angler

The Angler is an NPC from Terraria. He is a fisherman that will trade you all sorts of loot (including wooden crates) for quest fish. He is a utility mob that will defend himself from monsters, and will never attack you even if you hit him first. You can find him spawning on beaches, or much like his original counterpart, floating on water.


Custom fishing has been added, where new Terraria quest fish have a slightly higher chance of being caught instead of regular fish. Simply use your rod and wait for a bite! Rates are different depending on the fish’s rarity, with the golden fishing rod being the rarest treasure you can find!

Although not a fish, the golden fishing rod is the rarest catch you can get. Trading this to the Angler will always get you a full stack of diamonds, so don’t give up!


Crates act similarly to lucky blocks, you get random loot when destroying them. This version works for the 1.16 update as they are now entities instead of blocks. Simply put a crate down and punch it a few times, and you will get your loot. You can trade with the Angler to get them, or you can fish them up.


The Angler has his own custom trading box, where he will trade you various items for quest fish. You can also buy fishing rods from him for 3 emeralds.

In order to unlock all trades, keep trading as this will level him up, you also get exp from this. This will also heal him for a bit. After trading, wait a few seconds and he will start healing and restock his trades immediately.

Below is a list of all trades:

1. 3 emeralds -> Fishing Rod

2. Bonefish -> Frost Daggerfish

3. Bunnyfish -> Compass

4. Bloody Man o’ War -> Crate

5. Eater of Plankton -> Anvil

6. Cap’n Tunabeard -> Trident

7. Amanitia Fungifin -> Bomb Fish

8. Ichorfish -> Nautilus Shell

9. Slimefish -> Slimeball

10. Wyverntail -> Melon Seeds

11. Pengfish -> Redstone Dust

12. Dynamite Fish -> TNT

13. Jewelfish -> Diamond

14. Bumblebee Tuna -> Clock

15. Angelfish -> Ancient Debris

16. Catfish -> Saddle

17. Batfish -> Diamond Pickaxe

18. Fishotron -> Glowstone

19. Fishron -> Sea Lantern

20. Mutant Flinxfin -> Ender Pearls

21. Infected Scabbardfish -> Crate

22. Spiderfish -> Clay

23. Cursedfish -> Turtle Shell

24. Cloudfish -> Honeyfin

25. Pixiefish -> Name Tag

26. Hungerfish -> Heart of the Sea

27. Fallen Starfish -> Enchanting Table

28. Dirtfish -> Totem of Undying

29. Mudfish -> Bottle o’ Enchanting

30. The Fish of Cthulhu -> Crate

31. Harpyfish -> Pufferfish

32. Mirage Fish -> Dragon’s Breath

33. Tropical Barracuda -> Crate

34. Derpfish -> Elytra

35. Zombie Fish -> Enchanted Golden Apple

36. Unicorn Fish -> Glistering Melon

37. Tundra Trout -> Golden Carrot

38. Golden Fishing Rod -> 64 Diamonds


3 fish tools have been added in this update: the swordfish, sawtooth shark, and rockfish. These fish tools can only be obtained by fishing.


The swordfish works like other swords with no other effects. It has the same strength as a diamond sword but never breaks.


The rockfish is a strong weapon that is stronger than any other melee weapon, dealing 11 damage. However it gives you Slowness II for a few seconds while you’re holding it.

Sawtooth Shark

The sawtooth shark is a tool that works like a chainsaw, like its original counterpart. Holding it gives you Haste that lets you cut through wood very quickly, the effect lasts for a few seconds. To trigger the effect again, just re-equip the item or drink milk first, then equip the item again.

Consumable Fish

New consumable fish have been added! 2 of these items are throwable weapons, while the other is a healing item.

Frost Daggerfish

The frost daggerfish is a throwable weapon that spins when thrown. They deal 7 damage and break when they hit something. The Angler also uses this weapon.

To throw this weapon, simply press and hold like you’re eating an apple, or right click and hold if you’re on pc. Note that this a lobbed weapon, so aim higher if you want it to reach a farther target.

Bomb Fish

The bomb fish is a throwable bomb that works like a sticky bomb. Like the frost daggerfish, press and hold or right click and hold to throw a bomb at a target or wall, and wait for it to detonate after a few seconds. This bomb sticks on any surface when thrown, so you can aim at specific spots with this weapon.


The honeyfin is a potion item that heals you for a small amount. In case potions of healing or regen are hard to get early game, this will be a very useful item!

All consumable fish can be fished up, or you can trade for them from the Angler.

The Angler now defends himself by throwing frost daggerfish! A custom throwing animation is there as well.

For better understanding on how to use the consumable fish, check the video below:


1. Because this update has a custom player entity file, it may not work with weapon add-ons, etc.

2. The Angler is a strong mob that will attack monsters, and will never attack you even if you hit him.

3. Sadly the golden fishing rod isn’t usable, and no the Angler will not drop his own. Attacking him is a bad idea.

4. Crates are custom entities, not blocks. This is why they work for the 1.16 update.

5. The fish tool effects last for a few seconds. Re-equip the tools, or drink milk first then equip them again if you want to use the effects again.


To avoid bugs, turn on experimental gameplay.

*Updated the Angler’s AI

*Angler now throws frost daggerfish instead of melee attacks

*Added Angler throwing animation

*Added frost daggerfish, bomb fish, and honeyfin

*Updated trades


1. Click the link. Be sure to read and follow ALL instructions below so you don’t mess up!

2. Complete the captcha.

3. You want to scroll down until you see the mediafire logo, along with the buttons “Direct Access with Premium” and “Free Access” right below. Click the FREE ACCESS button.

4. Click the “Discover interesting articles” button.

5. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ AN ARTICLE, just click the X at the top right.

6. It will make you wait for a few seconds, once done click the X again.

7. The “Continue” button below should be active, click that and it should bring you to mediafire.

8. After downloading the file, just tap it and Minecraft should open and automatically install both packs.

9. If that doesn’t work, you can rename all .mcaddon files to .zip files then manually put the packs in the right folders (resource to resource_packs, behavior to behavior_packs).

And you’re done! I’ve only tested this on Android, but you can try on other devices. Otherwise, visit my FB page for feedback and suggestions. I am much more active on the FB page, so message me there. Click on my profile to find my page.

You can use this add-on the way you want, even use some data as reference, just be sure to credit me.


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