Terraria Potions in Minecraft! v1.0.0


Hello Mcpedl! Do you like Terraria? Because boy do I have something great for you, now I know a lot of people have made Terraria related content on Mcpedl. But nobody, and I do mean nobody, has recreated the potions in Terraria into Minecraft, in addon form. I have done that, and i’m sharing it with the players of Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

What’s new in the addon?

-Many Potions from Terraria are added, they include:

 -The Gills Potion, which replaces the Water Breathing Potion. Here’s a GIF of how it works.

 -The Gravitation Potion, It is a new Potion that allows you to switch gravity, just like in the actual game. Here’s how it works.

 -The Iron-skin Potion, it is a new potion that gives you extra defense. Here’s how it works.

 -The Shine Potion, it is a new potion that makes you glow, so you don’t need torches to find your way through dark passages. Here’s how it works.

-The Water Walking Potion, it is a new potion that makes you Jesus, by that, I mean giving you the power to walk on water. Here’s how it works. It may be a bit buggy, but in the future I hope I can fix some of the issues.

 -And finally, The Wormhole Potion, this potion teleports you to a random player upon use, but there’s an unpatchable bug that makes the potion teleport you to yourself, so it’s not perfect. I couldn’t get footage of how it works, but the description I gave it would be plenty enough.

How do I make the Potions?

You make the Potions in the Brewing Stand, you don’t need to use resources to make awkward potions as the recipes use normal water bottles, just like in Terraria. I have a zip file full of pictures of all the available brewing stand recipes. It is right here: All Recipes (v1.0.0)


-Credit me if you use my addon in any form of media

-Do not claim this addon as yours, as I spent a while developing this addon and making sure it works, and it’s unjust when the hard work is worthless when someone simply claimed the addon as theirs and not mine.

-Use only MY download links, don’t make your own.

To credit me, make sure to link the original post and say I am the creator, here’s and example.

(Insert Addon used) by Popularsonic

Original post/Download of the addon: (Insert link to Post)



Windows 10-Install the .mcaddon file and double click the file once installed

iOS 13– Download the zip file and import the zip file into the app MCPE Addons and import the imported files to Minecraft

iOS 12 and below– Go to the download page of the .mcaddon file and select the download option “Open in Minecraft”

Downloading the addon to your Xbox one is possible. But I’m not going to type out a tutorial for that. Get help from someone else’s tutorial, but make sure the tutorial is not uploaded in late 2018, as those tutorials are outdated.

I don’t make money from this addon, I don’t plan on making money with my creations either.


Supported Minecraft versions


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