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You are just a normal person enjoying the best life you can, but that all changes one day. A mysterious, otherworldly portal opens outside your house taking you to the Nether, a terrible twisted hell with many dark secrets and terrifying creatures. But, no hell was always hell, and has a backstory…

Travel through the Nether from the perspective of a Piglin, tackle puzzles and avoid hostile threats, and discover the story of how the once grand Piglin civilisation came to an unfortunate end. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this dimension, the very thing that destroyed that race is still roaming around here… and you’re next.

This is my very first map on here so I hope you enjoy it! If you find any issues, please comment them below and I’ll try my best to fix them. The map has been updated to fix a few issues and make some changes, I hope these will improve the quality of life!

Another minor update is out to fix a few more things. However, the next update will feature a revamp of the map! So stay tuned!

*Added a few Easter eggs

*Added a Respawn Anchor at the start of the parkour to the wither skeleton fort

*When you are teleported to the bastion, you are now given the saturation effect and only 5 porkchops. This prevents you from being able to cheese the drops part by putting the stack of porkchops in

*Coordinates are now off by default

*Fixed a few typos in the dialogue

*Fixed the Hoglin sometimes not being able to reach you on the first encounter

*Added a ladder at the bastion parkour bit, so you can climb back up if you fail it

*If you die, you will no longer respawn at the end of the map

*Made the parkour to the wither skeleton fort a big easier

*When you go to the bastion, you’ll now be given food in a chest so you will be able to make it to the end

*Replaced the crossbow and stacks of arrows with a infinity bow and a single arrow, this prevents you from being able to skip the wither skeleton part

*Command block output is now off, so there will be no more command block play sound and teleport messages

*You no longer start the map with anything in your inventory

*You should now be able to place the button at the wither skeleton part


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