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Are you tired of playing the normal survival mode over and over again? Do you want something new and beautiful? Then this map is right for you. You are stranded on this tropical Island and have to survive by farming and building your own shelter.

Survival aspects:

  • generated caves
  • generated ores
  • custom overworld
  • custom nether (it’s an island, too)
  • many biomes
  • you can get almost every ingame item on this island

Custom biomes:

  • Swamp
  • Beaches
  • Jungle
  • Savanna
  • Coral reefs
  • Snowy mountains
  • Vulcano
  • Nether
  • and more

This map is best to use with mods.

Here are some mods that fit well in this map:

  • yCreatures
  • Cuter vanilla Animals
  • Oceanic addons (Oceanic Mod Addon, Aquatic+)
  • Thirst Bar Mods
  • Lots More Food
  • Weapon addons (Melee Weapons Addon)
  • more addons or mods that improve survival
  • Shaders!! (ESBE2G, Kamii)


  • 2D und map of overworld and nether:

  • Ingame Screenshots (Overworld):

  • Ingame Screenshots (Nether, with, of course, a water vulcano)

  • Screenshots with yCreature( addon:

You can:

  • Play this map
  • Share the link to this mcpedl page
  • Use this map (If you give credit to this page)

You can not:

  • Share a direct link to the map download
  • Share the map
  • Use the map (in for example videos) without giving credit to this page
  • Copying anything from this map to your map/addon/… without permission
  • Steal my idea

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