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Hello this Is my first add-on, Right now It’s In development I’ll be updating It regularly on bug fixes or additions for everyone to enjoy. I’m open for Ideas and suggestions

The Nether Update was too hyped up for four new mobs, But sometimes It feels like you need more with a Wither Army and Unique Witches. 

Powerful Variants, Interesting abilities and powers with more to come

Well first things first on the additions

Wither Archers – Wither Archers are as like normal skeletons but with slight more health. One Special thing about them attacking them as a player will cause them to turn to melee when too close, These guys will be slightly common through The Nether.

Use Ranged Weapons to defeat this mob

Mortified Withers – These Wither Skeletons are very weak and defenseless but one hit from these guys will cause a long lasting wither effect to ensure the kill as vengeance, Very Common In the Nether 

Keep Distance on this mob

Soul Withers – These guys are bad news with intense speed to hit them one slash from these guys are deadly causing blindness, To make things even worse they have decent health and armor, Very Rare In the Nether

Use Ranged Weapons to defeat this mob

Wither Brutes – Powerful and Reinforced Health the Wither Brute gives a powerful hit and give weakness for 30 seconds. The only down fall of It Is how slow they are, Slightly Rare IN the Nether

Keep Distance on this Mob

Blood Wither – Average and Magical, Wither Bloods are similar to Evokers but summon Wither Troops whenever their Is a mob nearby, Very Rare In the Nether

Don’t get Detected by this Mob

Defiant Witches – Very Unique Witches with three modes, Melee, Ranged and Summoning, They also have a chance to Ignore Attacks causing a very tough fight, Slightly Common In the Nether

Bring a Shield and Bow

Wither Trust – Wearing Diamond Gear will sign the Withers of trust like Piglins

Wither Bartering – You can barter with withers using diamonds, Some Trades have changed more will be changed soon

(please report any bugs with the mod in the comments for me to squash them 😊)

Added Defiant Witches and Blood Withers

Fixed Spawn Rates

Added Spawn Egg Textures and Names

Changed Wither Archers Behavior

Changed Name to Wither Variants to Nether Variants


Windows 10, Xbox, PS4 (Mobile not tested)


Supported Minecraft versions


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