The Robin Egg Blue Honor 9 Premium is a Limited Edition Device Colour [XDA TV Interview]


If you’ve been paying attention to our news feed, XDA recently attended Droidcon UK 2017, where we interviewed many awesome people, including Wilkin Lee from Honor. We got to show off the “robin egg blue” model of the Honor 9 Premium, and we learned something new about the device. This variant is actually a limited edition and will likely go away at some point. “It’s going to be super limited,” Wilkin said in an interview with XDA, adding that it’s aimed at Honor’s “hardcore fans”.

If you aren’t familiar with the Honor 9, you can check out our overview of some of its best features! With lots to offer, this is a really great showing from the Huawei subsidiary The robin egg blue edition looks beautiful in real life, featuring a full body of glass and a unique colour that hasn’t been tried by other flagship devices in the same kind of price range. The hue of blue employed here is very similar to Honor’s trademark blue hue, which is used in the company logo and throughout their marketing materials. The Honor 9 may take a while to reach the USA, just like previous devices.Whether the robin egg blue device will make an appearance in the US is currently unknown though. We’ll see if we can get any more information on this colour’s exclusivity.

If the device’s limited edition run ends and we are left with the other colours, you can still opt for gold, silver and black which should cover the majority of phone colour interests for everyone. What may prove to be a problem is the fact that in the UK, you can only buy the silver or regular blue edition. This does leave the users with less choices, but in the future Honor may release other colours.

For more Droidcon UK coverage, check out our summaries (part one and two) as well as the many interviews hitting XDA TV!


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