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Remember that classic snake game form back in the Nokia glory days. Well now you can play that game inside of Minecraft!! It was done with just a few simple commands and a bit of time.

The Snake Game, a true classic. I have a lot fond memories about this simple yet challenging game and so I made it in Minecraft!

For anyone who is unaware of exactly what this game is, well it’s quite simple. You control a snake. You move around and have to eat food, but for each bite your body gets longer. When you crash head first into a wall, or your tail, it’s game over.

The controls are pretty snappy and responsive. You can control the direction of the snake by moving you player in the direction that you want the snake’s head to go (forwards, backwards, left and right)

All of this is made possible by this box of commands and 2 function files (basically commands written in a text file).

This is an ad free download, meaning that you don’t have to jump through any sort of loopholes to get it. For this reason I would greatly appreciate it, if you could check out my YouTube Channel. Thanks!


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