The Top OnePlus 7 Pro Custom ROMs, Kernels, and Mods


As OnePlus has grown, their love for the development community has been stable. While they restructured their developer seeding program a few months back, it was ultimately for the better as it allowed the company to give out more devices that will result in more development work. Kernel sources for both the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro were released in a timely manner, as they should be under the GPLv2 license. If you’ve found yourself wanting a different experience on the OnePlus 7 or the OnePlus 7 Pro, you can give a number of different custom ROMs, kernels, and mods a try from our forums. You’ll need to unlock your bootloader before you make any changes to the software on your phone, and we have a tutorial for that here. You can also convert a T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro to an international variant with ease.

OnePlus 7 Pro Forums

OnePlus 7 Pro AOSP-based Custom ROMs

AOSP-based custom ROMs are a complete departure from OxygenOS. It’s all from stock Android, with some entirely new features created by users on our forums and others modified from existing custom ROMs.

(Unofficial) LineageOS

LineageOS seems to be the go-to custom ROM for many. There are so many great features here that users can expect to find on any LineageOS build on any device. Keep in mind that this is an unofficial build, so some features may not be available or may not be fully working yet. You can check out our in-depth hands-on of LineageOS 16 for the OnePlus 6T here, though keep in mind LineageOS 16 has changed a lot since its initial release.

Feature spotlight:

  • Custom stock applications like Audio EQ, Calendar, a screen recorder, and the Jelly browser.
  • System-wide dark mode
  • LiveDisplay for color modification
  • LineageOS Privacy Guard for more granular permissions
  • Stability

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial build. It’s maintained by XDA Senior Member PeterCxy, ashwin4rc, and holydragon. At the moment there are a number of issues, though they’re getting fixed quickly.

LineageOS on the XDA forums


The Android Open Source illusion Project (AOSiP) is a custom ROM based on AOSP which focuses on useful features, customisability, and stability. It’s maintained by Team Illusion, which is composed of Josh Fox (XDA Recognised Developer xlxfoxxlx), Akhil Narang, Brett Montague, Sri Harsha, and Harsh Shandilya.

Feature spotlight:

  • Customisability
  • Stability

This is an official build, and if you want to give it a try, you can check out the forum thread below.

AOSiP on the XDA forums

Havoc OS

HavocOS is based on Android Pie and it’s inspired by Google Pixel‘s software. It’s maintained by both XDA Senior Member ZeNiXxX and XDA Senior Member SKULSHADY. You can check out the full list of features in the forum thread below.

Feature spotlight:

  • Pixel Lockscreen weather
  • Wakelock and alarm blocker
  • Pie controls
  • Always on Display

HavocOS on the XDA forums

OnePlus 7 Pro OxygenOS-based Custom ROMs

While some custom ROMs are built from the ground up, there are also custom ROMs that modify OxygenOS as a base to work from.

Renovate Ice

RenovateIce takes an interesting approach to custom ROMs. Rather than installing it over your system partition as you may have come to expect from flashing ROMs, Renovate Ice is instead flashed as a Magisk module. It replaces system applications and frameworks with its own, and you can uninstall it simply by removing the Magisk module. You need to make sure you’re on OxygenOS 9.5.8 before installing, but otherwise, you’re good to go!

Feature spotlight:

  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • Customisability
  • AUX cameras work in Google Camera
  • Screenshots in PNG
  • Hardware button remapping

It’s maintained by XDA Recognised Developer mwilky, XDA Senior Member tmcnally, XDA Senior Member rav101 and baadnewz, and you can download it from the link below.

RenovateIce on the XDA forums


RomAur by XDA Senior Member auras76 is another OxygenOS-based custom ROM, though this one isn’t available as a Magisk module. It’s a full system replacement that needs to be flashed in TWRP. There are a ton of features, though, so it’s certainly worth giving a shot.

Feature spotlight:

  • Performance improvements and optimizations
  • Call recording
  • SystemUI controls (clock options, battery bar, notifications)
  • Comes with Magisk and TWRP

RomAur on the XDA forums


NoLimit maintained by XDA Senior Member xXx is another custom ROM for the OnePlus 7 Pro that’s installed via a Magisk module, rather than a full system replacement. Because of that, it can easily be installed and uninstalled. NoLimit focuses primarily on speed, debloating the system and implementing many tweaks as well. You can even update your system via a regular OTA and just reflash this Magisk module afterward.

Feature spotlight:

  • Performance improvements and optimizations
  • Entirely debloated system
  • Lots of customization from audio processing to emoji choices
  • Substratum
  • Call recording

NoLimit on the XDA forums

OnePlus 7 Pro Custom Kernels


XDA Recognised Developer flar2‘s ElementalX is one of the most famous custom kernels on our forums and it’s available for the OnePlus 7 Pro. You can check out its list of features below.

Feature spotlight:

  • Optimized for performance and battery life
  • Advanced color control (RGB, hue, saturation, contrast, value, K-Lapse)
  • Adjust vibration
  • Wake gestures (S2W & DT2W)
  • Sweep2sleep
  • Block wakelocks
  • GPU 675MHz
  • Backlight dimmer option
  • CFQ, noop, deadline, FIOPS, SIO, maple and zen i/o schedulers
  • Adrenoboost option
  • Option to disable fsync
  • Option to disable touchboost
  • WireGuard support

He also maintains an app on Google Play to help you tune the kernel.

EX Kernel Manager
EX Kernel Manager

ElementalX on the XDA forums


SmurfKernel for the OnePlus 7 Pro

SmurfKernel by XDA Senior Member  is all about giving users control over their device’s clock speeds, with many different power profiles to choose from. The kernel is unified too, so it will work on both OxygenOS and AOSP-based ROMs. You can check out the full features below!

Feature spotlight:

  • OP7 Pro 5G support
  • OOS and CUSTOM ROM support
  • GPU OC up to 850 MHz
  • CPU minimum 300-576 MHz
  • GPU Input boost (off / 345 / 427 MHz)
  • Adrenoboost
  • Klapse Livedisplay 5.0 by @tanish2k09
  • Dynamic stune boost
  • Devfreq boost
  • Input stune boost extender
  • High / Medium / Low boost presets
  • Multiqueue io-scheduler: mq-deadline, bfq-mq, kyber
  • Singlequeue io-scheduler [Anxiety], bfq-sq, cfq, noop, fiops, sio, etc.
  • Dynamic fsync
  • Advanced color control (RGB, hue, saturation, contrast)
  • Backlight dimmer
  • Adjust vibration
  • Wake gestures
  • Wakelock blocker
  • Wireguard
  • Linux 4.14.132
  • CAF upstreamed LA.UM.7.1.r1-15000-sm8150.0
  • Spectrum and FK profiles support

SmurfKernel on the XDA forums


SkyDragon by XDA Recognised Developer/Recognised Contributor is a kernel which aims to get the best performance and the best battery life out of your device, nothing else. For now, there are just some latency improvements and a few additional features, but as time goes on more and more will be added.

Feature spotlight:

  • No user clock-speed modifications
  • Sociopath TCP Congestion Profile (set as default
  • CRC Check Toggle-able (disabled by default)
  • Power Efficient Workqueue’s Toggle (enabled)
  • Maple IO Scheduler (set as default)
  • Flar2’s Wake Gesture support
  • KCAL
  • KLapse Support
  • Boeffla Wakelock Blocker

SkyDragon on the XDA forums


FrankenKernel by XDA Recognised Developer , as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of features from different development projects on the OnePlus 7 Pro. It uses SkyDragon as a base kernel and builds on top of it. Some of the features included are below.

  • Adreno boost
  • Stune boost
  • Kcal
  • Klapse
  • Anykernel 3
  • Advanced TCP

FrankenKernel on the XDA forums

Kirisakura Kernel

Kirisakura by XDA Senior Member Freak07 is said to be the first to bring a kernel with the latest CAF sources to the OnePlus 7 Pro. The kernel is also upstreamed to the latest Linux stable branch for enhanced security and stability. There are lots of improvements taken straight from CAF, including a new camera driver which has hundreds of changes that aim to improve performance and memory leaks, among other things.

Feature spotlight:

  • Based on latest kernel sources from One Plus for Android Pie
  • Fully rebased on CAF sources for 4.14 msm-kernel
  • Linux-Stable-Upstream included to latest 4.14.132
  • Compiled with Clang 9.0.5 and built with -O3 speed optimizations
  • ZRAM patched up to latest kernel/common state and use LZ4 as default compression algorithm to improve memory managment
  • Safety Net patches are included -> Kernel passes Safety Net
  • Wake Gestures from @flar2 included
  • Flashing the kernel will keep root!
  • Kernel zip is flashable via EXKM app
  • Anykernel zip is based on the all new Anykernel3 release from @osm0sis
  • F2FS updated to latest F2FS stable

Kirisakura kernel on the XDA forums

OnePlus 7 Pro Mods

Sometimes, you just want to make some smaller changes to your device without having the risk of messing anything up majorly. For most mods, you can simply remove them if you don’t like them – without any of the hassles of setting everything back up again.


TWRP by XDA Senior Member is a must for anybody wanting to modify their phone in any way, shape, or form. This is where you’ll install everything, from custom kernels to smaller modifications, so make sure you have it set up.

TWRP for the OnePlus 7 Pro

Google Camera

Want the power of the Google Pixel’s software processing on your phone? Get the latest Google Camera port on your OnePlus 7 Pro and avail of enhanced HDR+, Night Sight, and more.

Google Camera for the OnePlus 7 Pro

Tomatot Debloater

Does exactly what it says on the tin, Tomatot Debloater by XDA Senior Member removes any sense of bloatware from your phone. Say goodbye to telemetry from Qualcomm, OnePlus, and some Google telemetry, along with potentially improved performance and battery life. It also scales up in extremity, so you can have an idea of what you’re removing.

Tomatot Debloater on the XDA forums


Ever heard of the Xposed Framework? It’s a popular framework that hooks into the Android Runtime (ART) so modules can modify how other apps behave. GravityBox is the king of all Xposed Framework modules because it offers a ton of customization options; it basically adds the customizability of a custom ROM to your stock, rooted software. Version 9.1 and above supports OxygenOS on the OnePlus 7/7 Pro.

Get GravityBox

Unlock 90Hz in all apps

The OnePlus 7 Pro drops the refresh rate from 90Hz to 60Hz whenever it meets certain conditions, which includes using certain browsers. You can disable that limitation though root, enabling 90Hz mode at all times simply by the way of an ADB command. You can check out the article below for more information.

Unlock 90Hz in all apps

OnePlus Launcher with Google Feed

If you bought your OnePlus 7 Pro through T-Mobile, you’ll have one feature that international devices don’t have. That feature is Google Now feed integration with the OnePlus launcher, which for some reason isn’t available on all devices. XDA Senior Member has created a Magisk module which you can install to replace your launcher with the one on T-Mobile OnePlus smartphones, which you can check out below.

OnePlus Launcher with Google Feed

Fingerprint scanner animation changer

XDA Senior Member ‘s fingerprint scanner animation changer might be something worth looking at if you find the default ones boring. You do need both root and Substratum for it, though it’s nice for personalizing your device even more.

MGx One animation and fingerprint changer

Aether: Substratum mods for OxygenOS

Want to make some small changes to OxygenOS by using Substratum? Aether has you covered, with the ability to center your status bar clock, toggle LTE/4G in the status bar, and some quick settings tools as well.

Aether for the OnePlus 7 Pro

Custom boot animations

Want to personalize the boot-up sequence of your OnePlus 7 Pro? You can install one of 29 different boot animations in the form of a Magisk module, a list compiled by XDA Senior Member . From custom ROM boot animations to the likes of Marvel and the Matrix, there’s something for everyone. There’s also an additional 5 by XDA Senior Member as well.

Custom boot animations

More custom boot animations

Custom edge lighting effects

When I first saw the edge lighting feature on the OnePlus 7 Pro, I thought it was incredibly cool. Sadly, much like everyone else, I was disappointed at the lack of customisability. Thanks to XDA Senior Member , you can customize it a bit more to your liking via a Substratum theme. You still can’t set different colors per application, though.

Substratum custom edge lighting effects

Headphone volume boost

Want to increase the output volume to your headphones, earphones, or speakers? There’s a simple Magisk module for that. Just be careful here — you can risk damaging your speakers this way!

Headphone volume boost

We’ll be on the lookout for more custom development on our OnePlus 7 Pro forums. Think we missed a custom ROM, custom kernel, or mod? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to this list!

OnePlus 7 Pro Forums

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