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The Warehouse is a PvP/PvE style map, set in a post nuclear war time period. You must fight off all kinds of monsters as well as other players to earn loot and gear! Monsters drop coins which you can transfer these coins into digital currency via ATM’s around the map. But be careful, if you don’t transfer the money in time you will lose it if you die, along with all your other items! This extensive map includes custom textures made by Endercraft Studios!

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– The Warehouse is a PvP/PvE style map, set in a post nuclear war time. You’re in a city that just waged in a devastating nuclear war, though the city wasn’t directly hit by nuclear explosives, Nuclear Fallout Radiation spread to the city and contaminated everyone in it. The people of the city turned into monsters who only want to kill. You must fight them in order to get the coins left on them before the war. You can transfer these coins into digital currency via ATM’s around the map. But be careful, if you don’t transfer the money in time you will lose it if you die, along with all your other items!

Not only will other players pick up items when you die, but the zombies will pick up all your dropped items, so if you plan to get them back you will need to defeat the zombies in the process! Once you kill a zombie that has one of your items, it will drop it (along with the normal coins it drops).

– You are able to purchase items with the digital currency at the shop located in spawn, this area is the only part of town that was unaffected by the nuclear radiation, though shop owners only accept digital currency due to the fear of contamination in the coins. You are able to purchase gear from the shop along with some special items and even pets! You are also able to purchase loot crate keys from the shop which give items that are exclusive to the crates. The gear in the crates is randomized from 10 different preset crates.

– Around the city you will find different crates (barrels, not to be confused with loot crates that need a key to open) filled with various items that automatically refill every 5 minutes. Scavenge around the map to find different items, of different values. The crates are located in the area outside and inside the actual Warehouse, though the items inside the Warehouse are different, but not better, than the ones outside the warehouse.

– The Warehouse is a PvP map as well, players will fight with other players to get their gear and items, even money if there’s any on hand! Once you kill a different player, they will drop all their gear which you can then pick it up, we don’t take responsibility for people holding grudges! You can avoid losing your items by going back to spawn where PvP is disabled.

– The map itself includes about 24 midsized buildings located in the city around the warehouse. The area around the warehouse complex also includes 2 parks, abandoned vehicles, sidewalks, alleys, etc. The warehouse itself is a two story building located in the middle of the city. The building is filled with different details and cargo that was going to be shipped out before the war.

– Mobs spawn every few minutes, and the map will eventually become quite crowded, though all mobs will be reset every 20 minutes to avoid lag and congestion!

– When starting to play there are five separate spawn in locations for players to chose from, this is to avoid spawn killing, as well as giving players a different experience every time they start playing. There are buttons around the map that will take you back to spawn, most notably on the two statues on the front and back sides of the warehouse.

Textures (Not including all painting Textures)

– The map also includes some original textures made by Endercraft Studios to give it some extra charm! The textures include painting retextures, that turn paintings into different signs and posters around the map, coin textures, crate key textures, etc. The map also includes a simple behavior pack that makes the mobs in the map drop coins, and also makes it so the names of NPC’s are only visible when pointing at the NPC, this is to avoid a clutter of nametags around the map. 


Map by Endercraft Studios. Builds by Nicholas11, AwesomeDudeMC, Hyena, Glowstudent, and V0Ih. Commands by xStormMC, BlueFoxKidd AwesomeDudeMC, and Neosai1. Textures by Human Camel and TheRealGeoDash. Behaviors by BlueFoxKidd. All renders made by AwesomeDudeMC.

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You may make video on it as long as you give FULL credit to Endercraft Studios! We are not allowing this map to be used on Public Realms. Feel free to use the map on a private realm to play with friends, but we ask that you don’t use it on a publicly released realm.

This map took us quite a long time to finish and is filled with lots of fun details and easter eggs! We apologize for all the delays, but we hope you enjoy playing it! Thanks for downloading and Happy Halloween! Expect further updates on this map!

An above shot render of the map:



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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