This Fan Animation Reimagines a Pivotal Steven Universe Moment


Pearl, bein’ sad.

Pearl, bein’ sad.
Image: Cartoon Network

Steven Universe’s art style is characterized by a cute, iconic sense of style. But the original draft, was seen in the unreleased pilot, was a lot different. Not worse, mind you, but a bit less simplified, a bit more odd. We never got to see that Steven Universe. But a new fan animation gives a hint of what it would have been like.

Created by Blanca Martinez, aka animator and Twitter user @EscapeComplex, the short, carefully animated clip takes Pearl’s original design, and uses it to dramatize a pivotal moment from the series. In particular, it’s the tail end of “It’s Over, Isn’t It”, one of the most heart-wrenching and character-defining songs in the series. It’s really stunning work.

If you want more information on that original pilot, it was released on YouTube eventually, and there’s a good breakdown of it on the Steven Universe fan wiki here. While I’m very happy with the show we got, I’m equally thrilled to get such a well-made glimpse of what could have been. 

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