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Welcome to TrueVS (formerly Horse Multiplayer), a server where everything runs within the Vanilla software. We welcome you to a fun, True Vanilla Survival Experience.

We offer a world of 600k x 600k, 1.16.20 compatible gameplay. No need to question if we have a feature or not- we do.

We’ve made many minor quality of life changes for the server. ranging from custom crafting recipes, “uncrafting” some components, custom furnace cooking for stones and wood, and even a home and spawn system, all with command blocks and simple addons.

You don’t need to bother with menus, lobbies, or anything like that. TrueVS is just join and play. Jump from spawn once you’ve read our rules, and you’re on your way to a new adventure with friends, and enemies.

Raid your enemies for resources, destroy builds, and fight to survive… though most people are plenty friendly, as long as you don’t trespass on their land.

This is also a hacker free server. If you’re caught hacking, even something as minor as xray, you will be immediately banned. Please, play fair.

Stop by the in-server shop to stock up on some basic, and even overpowered, resources! You earn 10 coins per minute of gameplay, so get playing!

Why bother with Realms, or Xbox’s unreliable multiplayer features? Play TrueVS Today!

Migrated server to new host
Got new domain name
Massive updates for plugins and commands

Complete world reset due to hackers destroying the world

Even more security improvements

Banned all fish buckets due to NBT exploits

added Nuker detection

Changed server name

Added various command block based features

Added various addon based recipes

Supported Minecraft versions


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