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Unfair Villager is a parody of unfair maps originated from java edition. And yes, this map was truly inspired by it, especially from NICO_THE_PRO. Unfair maps are known for being unfair, well yes of course. This map is themed for villagers, that means this includes villager themed puzzles, obstacles and riddles. What makes an unfair map worst is that there are no checkpoints, meaning that if you messed up, then you will have to start all over again no matter how far your progression is. If you thought to yourself that you get mad often, then I recommend to not play this map, this is for the safety of whatever device you are using(and also yourself). Like I said, this map is rageworthy. If you think you can do it, then goodluck and I hope you will never regret playing it. However, this map is tested and it is in fact possible. Why not watch a walkthrough? But considere yourself a cheater.

This map was purely made in pocket edition. Yes, It did take a long time to build this map. And I also did it without someone helping me. 

Can you beat this map without cheating nor watching a walkthrough? Yes you can do that! Just believe in yourself.


I recommended playing this map with only just one player, 2 or more players might cause the map to break and not work properly. I haven’t tested it yet with 2 or more players, so if the map work properly with this, then that would be great.

Play this map in a latest and newer version, this map have some newer features that has been recently added to minecraft. Recommended version: 1.14.60 BE/PE Edition.

The texture pack download will not be added as long as anyone wouldn’t complain about the texture error or texture not appearing

This map is still in work in progress, please report any glitches, errors or bugs.


Supported Minecraft versions


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