Unofficial LineageOS 16 for the Realme 3 Pro and Samsung Galaxy J4+


Official LineageOS 16 based on Android 9 Pie was released earlier this year for a handful of devices, but over the past few months, the build roster has grown to include many more devices. Before a build can be deemed official and thus built and hosted using LineageOS’ resources, device maintainers have to work to fix bugs to meet the requirements in LineageOS’ Device Support Requirements Charter. While working on these builds, some developers like to post their work on the XDA forums. These builds are unofficial, but they’re a good way to test LineageOS weeks or months before the build is stable enough to be made official. Now, unofficial LineageOS 16 custom ROMs have appeared on our forums for the Realme 3 Pro and Samsung Galaxy J4+.

Realme 3 Pro Forums     Samsung Galaxy J4+

Although both smartphones have official Android Pie releases available for them, neither device runs software that can be said to be stock Android-like. The Galaxy J4+ received an update to Samsung’s Android Pie-based One UI back in April, while the Realme 3 Pro launched in April with Android Pie-based ColorOS 6. Realme released the kernel source code and bootloader unlock tool for its latest device earlier this month, subsequently resulting in official TWRP being made for it. Samsung already released the kernel source code for the Galaxy J4+, which is how TWRP is available for it on our forums. Now, custom ROM developers have independently ported AOSP Android Pie-based LineageOS 16 for both devices.

Unofficial LineageOS 16 for Realme 3 Pro     Unofficial LineageOS 16 for Samsung Galaxy J4+

The build for the Galaxy J4+ is more stable as the only bugs are that VoLTE and the second SIM slot aren’t working and SELinux is set to permissive. The Realme 3 Pro’s build, on the other hand, has issues with device encryption, the fingerprint scanner, and VoLTE. We advise you to read the forum threads carefully before flashing these custom ROMs. The developers will also share updates on these threads, so subscribe to the post if you’re hoping to see new builds with these bugs squashed.

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