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There are a few mobs in the Java Edition of Minecraft that are unused, but can be summoned with commands and most of them behave quite uniquely. But what if some of these mobs also made their way to the Bedrock Edition? This addon does just that!

This addon will be introducing 3 unused mobs from the Java Edition: the Killer Bunny, the Illusioner and the Giant! They all have their own unique AIs and will behave somewhat similar to what you see on Java. Enjoy it!

The first one we will be looking at is the Killer Bunny. In case you don’t know, it is a reference to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which already makes it an interesting mob! But don’t let the fact that it’s a rabbit fool you, as it is very hostile and will attack you! It has two methods of attack, it will either perform short but rapid hops towards you or will occasionally charge towards you very fast. It has 20 health points, deals 8 damage per attack and sometimes will not take knockback when you attack it, making this a fairly challenging foe! It also attacks wolves and foxes without being scared by them, don’t let your dogs near one as it will easily take them out! You might find Killer Bunnies spawning in Jungle biomes.

The next mob we will look at is the Illusioner! Being a member of the Illager army, it is aggressive towards both you and villagers. This Illager is incredibly fast, teleports around and will attack both you and villagers by casting a blindness effect onto you and spawning duplicates which fire arrows, so it’s quite tough! It has 32 health points, and might drop arrows if defeated. The Illusioner will not spawn naturally in the world, but it might make for a fine addition for creative maps!

The final mob added by this addon is the Giant. It is… well… a giant zombie. Nothing too interesting, isn’t it? While it may not be that much of a unique and interesting concept, it makes up for that in strength! The Giant will attack you and villagers in the same fashion as a regular zombie, but deals insane amounts of damage! The Giant will one shot you if you don’t have at least diamond armor, and is able to kill iron golems in only two hits so you might want really good gear if you try to fight it. Even if you have Netherite gear, it can kill you in two hits, I recommend a ranged weapon against it. It has 100 health points, and deals 50 damage per attack. The Giant spawns extremely rarely anywhere in the overworld. The Giant can even spawn with armor and weapons, which only makes it even more powerful!

*The Illusioner is now able to cast a blindness effect onto you!

*The Illusioner is now able to spawn in clones of itself, these clones will fire arrows at you!

*The Illusioner and the Killer Bunny now have new sound effects.

*The Giant is now much taller but has a noticeably smaller hit box, now the giant can’t hit you from ridiculously far away distances.

*The Giant’s damage was buffed from 40 to 50 to match how it is in Java.

*The Giant now attacks iron golems and villagers without hesitation.

*The Giant can now see you from further away.

*The Giant now spawns naturally, you can find one super rarely in the overworld.

*The Giant may now spawn with the ability to pick up items, or may spawn with gear by default!

*The texture of the Illusioner spawn egg was updated.

*The Killer Bunny performs it’s charge attack more frequently.

*The Killer Bunny doesn’t attack ocelots and cats anymore.

*All mobs added by this addon except for the Illusioner clone can now drop experience if killed.

*Fixed a bug where if you got killed by one of the mobs, the death message would display an invalid name.

*Illusioner now has green eyes, to match Java Edition 

*Illusioner’s speed has been tweaked, it now matches that of the Evoker and how it is on Java

*Killer Bunny’s speed has been slightly tweaked

*The Killer Bunny no longer spawns in Dark Forest biomes

*Killer Bunny will now attack ocelots


If it doesn’t let you download the addon the first time, you may want to try renaming the mcaddon file to a zip file, then extracting the zip file. After you’ve extracted the zip file, change it back to mcaddon then you should be able to open it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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