Upcoming Honor 20 Pro Could Have DxOMark Score Greater Than 100


In preparation of the upcoming launch of the Honor 20 Series on May 21st in London, several photos have been seen floating around teasing the DxOMark score of the Honor 20 Pro. The teaser for the image contains three dashes for three digits, signifying a DxOMark score that goes above 100 for the upcoming Honor 20 smartphone.

DxO Scores of Top Ranking Phones

DxOMark is considered the “industry-standard” for assessing image quality of smartphones and cameras. This assessment is done through DxOMark’s intensive test protocol which combines objective lab measurements with perceptual analysis that involves hundreds of images per smartphone in various conditions. Images taken for perceptual analysis are individually ranked on a range of parameters including exposure, contrast, color, noise, autofocus speed and repeatability, artifacting, flash, zoom, bokeh and more. All of these scores are then compressed into a singular score that makes it easy to grade smartphone cameras against each other.

While image quality is a subjective topic, and image photography also depends on the variables of the scene to be captured, DxOMark scores are an attempt to simplify the complex science and art behind smartphone cameras into a consumer-friendly number. While the individual quirks of a device are lost when we restrict ourselves to a singular number, the score does give us a decent idea of how good an image is expected to be, in general, from that device.

If the Honor 20 does in fact have a score greater than 100, it joins the growing list of smartphones that have breached the three digit mark with their overall camera performance score. However, what really makes this news noteworthy is the fact that all the smartphones that did end up with such a high-score belong to the premium segment and high price range (with the notable exception of the Xiaomi Mi 9). The Honor 20 is expected to be in the mid-range as far as pricing is concerned, which makes the high score all the more impressive.

Sample Photo From Honor 20 Pro

Sample Photo From Honor 20 Pro

Sample Photo From Honor 20 Pro

These photos were leaked showing a few sample shot taken on the Honor 20 Pro. What do you think the final DxO rating will be for the Honor 20? Leave a comment below with your best guess.

Honor 20 XDA Forums

The Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro are part of the Honor 20 Series of smartphones that will be announced at the event in London. Both the phones are expected to sport a “dynamic holographic design”, which adds to their aesthetic appeal. For all the leaks and rumors regarding these upcoming devices, check out our previous coverage!

Note: Huawei/Honor have stopped providing official bootloader unlock codes for its devices. Therefore, the bootloaders of their devices cannot be unlocked, which means that users cannot root or install custom ROMs.

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