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You are looking for an addon of plants as similar as blocks, here this “Useful plants” adds new plants and “straw golem” hat will help you grow your plants. Read the description.

Permission from the creators of the straw golem mod.

Java creators:(Textures and models).



Dianmica of my add ons, this addon has 2 versions, one that can be downloaded and another that will only be accessible to youtubers who upload minecraft, this version will not have anything new, only will have a different image and a description made for you with your name, this version is called “golforyou “, there will only be 10 places available. You have to meet these requirements to have this verson.(In the video)

Look my video and suscribe: Johny Tuggy

To get everything from this addon, you’ll  have to find this new type of villager, he’ll exchange everything from the addon.

////Straw Golem////

To summon a golem of straw you need to make a structure, place a block of hay below and a pumpkin carved above, then place the soul of golem of straw above the gourd. This golem will cultivate and replant all minecraft crops (wheat, potato, beets, carrot, cane, pumpkin, melon), has only 2 lives and is afraid of monsters.

///Grape seeds////

Grape seeds can only be planted on farmland, POTS and water lilies. They have 3 growth stages, each stage will last between 40 to 80 seconds. You can accelerate growth with bone powder, when the grape bush grows completely you can get the grapes in the same way as the sweet berries, just by clicking on the plant or you can destroy it. The straw golem will also grow the grapes for you.

///Lemon tree///

The lemon tree can only be planted in POTS and normal soil. It has 4 growth stages. Each stage lasts approximately 80 seconds, the tree will not grow completely if it is not at a temperature lower than 0.89 (in almost all parts of the game the temperature is lower than that,except in the desert and savannah). The lemons can be eaten, the straw golem will grow the lemons for you, has the same function as the sweet berries.

//Experience seeds///

Experience seeds are a rare plant, can only be planted in farmland, POTS and waterlilies, has 4 growth stages, you can accelerate the growth time with a new bone powder, the magic bone powder is made with lapislazui and bonemeal, when the plant is fully developed will start to shine in different colors, to get the experience just click on the plant or destroy it.

///Ender seeds//////

Ender pearl seeds can only be planted in farmland,nenufares and POTS. It has 4 stages, each lasting about 1 minute. This plant will only grow if it is nighttime or the illumination is less than 0.49 (about the range of a torch). You can accelerate growth with a new bone meal, dark bone meal is made from bone meal and coal.


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