Voltage Hermitcraft Survival Season 4


Voltage hermitcraft is a medium sized survival server with a tight knit community and very active staff. Our goal as a community is to provide a safe and drama-free environment for people to enjoy the wonders of Minecraft. To be whitelisted, join out discord:  https://www.discord.gg/qps9rYw Can’t wait to see you online!

On Voltage HermitCraft you can play in a community just like your favorite YouTubers! From building mega bases, to earning a diamond empire at the shopping district, voltage has it all! We also regularly have server events and projects for you to take part in, so there’s always something to do! New seasons start around every 6 months, or when there is a major update to the game. All you have to do to join, is go to our discord( https://www.discord.gg/qps9rYw), read the rules, and add your name to the whitelist channel so that you can get on the server! 


Shopping District: 

Supported Minecraft versions


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