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War Blocks is a Player Versus Entity map. Every stage has 3 waves, which get progressively harder. There are 5 stages: The Mineshaft, The Village, The Nether, The Ocean, and The Jungle. Main credit to the map goes to THE CHARGER!!!, and WinterWhiz620. Also please note this is my first map.

    The Mineshaft is the first stage. Fighting off undead miners through each wave, this stage is packed to the brim with zombies, skeletons, and spiders. This will be quite the challenge for you!!    The Village stage is the second stage. You and the villagers are all sitting peacefully before intruders come storming in through a cave! You and your friends are going to have to fight your way through 3 waves of a raid!    The Nether stage is the third stage. Try not to burn up as you fight in the blazing realm of the Nether! Watch out, because The Boss will pose quite a threat in the underworld!

To get to the next 2 stages, you’ll need to go to the tree.

The next stage is The Ocean stage. Swim through the underwater shipwrecks, but watch out for the guardians of the sea!

The final stage is The Jungle stage. Fight your friends through the massive jungle and try not to get caught in the thick of battle.

THE CHARGER!!! – Main Designer

WinterWhiz620   – Builder

TastingTuna7571   – Helped with the early stages

TakeoverFox6141  – Beta Tester

Kool JC                   – Beta Tester

I hope you enjoy War Blocks, and I am excited to see what you guys think of my very first Minecraft map!

My Channel: THE CHARGER!!!



Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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